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However, no matter how hard she gritted her teeth, Tao Yuxuan could only respectfully welcome Leng Qiankuns arrival and report everything that had happened in the past year to him in detail.

Especially what had happened in the past month.

The true daughter had returned home, Shi Xi had left home, and there were all sorts of rumors at the banquet…

Tao Yuxuan felt that in this palace battle scene, she was like a little eunuch by the emperors side.

She was so tired.

“So, that Ning Yu provoked Shi Xi Xi and made her unhappy” Leng Qiankun tapped the armrest of the sofa with his index finger.

Tao Yuxuan said, “I think so.

Ever since that Ning Yu returned, Xi Xi seems to have changed.”

In a sense, Tao Yuxuan was quite right.

Leng Qiankuns lips curled into a sinister smile.

“Ning Yu, she sounds very old-fashioned and boring.”

Tao Yuxuan and Leng Qiankun had grown up together and she knew his habits very well.

When Leng Qiankun smiled, she knew that something bad was going to happen.

Ning Yu was most likely going to be unlucky.

Tao Yuxuan hurriedly said, “Xi Xi told me not to target Ning Yu.”

“Dont worry, I wont go too far.” Leng Qiankun smiled.

“Ill think of a way to get Ning Yu to come to my welcoming banquet tomorrow.”

Tao Yuxuan:…He really treats me like a little eunuch.


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At this moment, Shi Xi had already boarded Xie Yunzhous car and arrived at a small shop with spicy hot pot.

The shop was newly opened and was clean and tidy.

Shi Xi picked a lot of dishes that she liked and went to get a can of iced Cola.

Xie Yunzhou looked at the ingredients in front of him and then looked at Shi Xi.

He could only accept his fate.

He had flown back and was physically and mentally exhausted.

He only wanted to see Shi Xi and was not hungry at all.

He randomly picked some dishes and asked the restaurant to make some spicy food.

After sitting down, Shi Xi still felt a little incredulous and stared at Xie Yunzhou.

“Why are you staring at me” Xie Yunzhou asked directly, “Is there something on my face”

“No, I thought President Xie would not eat these.” Shi Xi really could not imagine how Xie Yunzhou would eat the spicy and fragrant hotpot with her.

Just like how she couldnt imagine how the baldy Sheng Yan would look like.

Xie Yunzhou smiled and said, “Im also a human.

Why wouldnt I eat them”

When the spicy hot pot filled with chili was served, Xie Yunzhous smile disappeared.

He remembered that he had saidslightly spicy.

Just as Xie Yunzhou was about to ask the restaurant, he saw that Shi Xis spicy hot pot was filled with chili.

Xie Yunzhou fell into silence.

Could this really be eaten

In his early years, he often worked overtime, ate irregularly, and often drank alcohol.

He had a stomachache.

Although he was much better now, looking at the large number of chilies, his heart still palpitated.

Shi Xi went to get the cutlery and even served Xie Yunzhou some rice.

“You like spicy food” Xie Yunzhou looked at Shi Xis actions and faintly felt a stomachache.

“Its okay.

Im not picky.” Shi Xi asked, “You cant eat spicy food, right”

“Of course I can.” Xie Yunzhou smiled gently, not showing any signs of a stomach ache.

Looking at the chili in front of him, Xie Yunzhou was ready to go to the hospital.

The price of eating together with Shi Xi was too high.

But Shi Xi did not give him a chance to eat spicy food.

Shi Xi had just eaten a few mouthfuls when she put down her chopsticks with a pale face and covered her stomach.

Xie Yunzhou was thinking about how to use his chopsticks when he realized something was wrong.

“Whats wrong with you”

The girl in front of him had a pale face and her forehead was covered in cold sweat.

She gritted her teeth and could not say a word.


At the hospital.

After the doctor hung up the IV for Shi Xi.

He lectured Xie Yunzhou, “Her body is weak.

She cant eat spicy food, eat cold food, or catch a cold during her menstrual period.

How can you be her boyfriend like this”


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