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Shi Xi asked casually, “What are you doing here”

She remembered that Tao Yuxuan had called earlier and said that it was Leng Qiankuns welcoming banquet today.

But the main character was here.

Then what was Tao Yuxuan welcoming

The Northwest Wind

“I heard that you were here, so I came to look for you.” Leng Qiankun put one hand in his pocket and smiled.

“Want to have a meal together”

Shi Xi looked at Xie Yunzhou with some embarrassment.

Xie Yunzhou said, “Mr.

Leng, Shi Xi and I have an appointment.”

Hearing this, Leng Qiankuns gaze fell on Xie Yunzhou again and asked, “Do you know each other”

Xie Yunzhou chuckled.

There was some inexplicable emotion in his eyes that had sunk into the abyss.

“Of course we know each other.”

Leng Qiankun had already left for a year, so he did not know what had happened in that year.

He had always thought that his love rival was Sheng Yan, but now there was another Xie Yunzhou

“Well, why dont we eat together” Shi Xi suggested.

The two of them said at the same time:


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Their opinions were quite unanimous.

Shi Xi: “…”

She was only one person, so she couldnt be divided into two halves!

“Shi Xi and I made an appointment first.” Xie Yunzhou had always been strong-willed and wouldnt give in.

“Oh Shi Xi Xi, is it because you agreed to have dinner with him that youre not coming to my welcoming banquet” Leng Qiankun laughed dangerously.

Shi Xi could not help but take a step back.

Leng Qiankun was very handsome.

However, his aura was cold, and people did not like to get close to him.

Xie Yunzhou took a step forward and stood in front of Shi Xi.

His gaze was unperturbed.

“Is there a problem”

Leng Qiankun sized up Xie Yunzhou.

“This is between Shi Xi and me.”

Xie Yunzhou: “Her matter is my matter.”

If it were anyone else, Leng Qiankun would have already thrown a punch.

But the person in front of him was Xie Yunzhou, the eldest young master of the Xie family.

He was not someone he could easily deal with.

“Oh You guys are so close” Leng Qiankuns smile deepened.

“But I remember that Shi Xis fiancé is Sheng Yan.”

Hearing Sheng Yans name, Xie Yunzhou felt angry and irritated.

“Well, Tao Yuxuan said that your welcoming banquet has been rescheduled to tomorrow.

Ill go and welcome you tomorrow.” Shi Xi stuck her head out and spoke to Leng Qiankun.

“If Shi Xi Xi is free tomorrow, well meet again tomorrow.” With a step, Leng Qiankun backed down.

Xie Yunzhou was expressionless.

Leng Qiankun then said to Xie Yunzhou, “Young Master Xie, Shi Xi has an allergic constitution.

Remember not to let her eat seafood.”

This action of showing off that he was more familiar with Shi Xi was very childish in Xie Yunzhous eyes.

But it also made him jealous.

“She is already so old.

She will remember it,” Xie Yunzhou retorted vaguely.

He would never like a brainless woman like Shi Xi!

Leng Qiankun watched the two of them leave.

He narrowed his eyes and dialed Tao Yuxuans number.

“Whats wrong Havent you seen Xi Xi” Tao Yuxuan said, “I remember shes staying in this hotel!”

“Ive seen her.” Leng Qiankun asked, “Are Shi Xi and Xie Yunzhou close”

“They know each other” Tao Yuxuan was very surprised.

After thinking for a while, she said with certainty, “They shouldnt be very close.

Ive never heard Xi Xi mention it before!”

Leng Qiankun chuckled.

“They went to eat together.”

“F*ck!” Tao Yuxuan was shocked.

Leng Qiankun lowered his eyes and said, “Im going to your place.

Tell me everything that happened to Shi Xi after I left.”

After saying that, he did not care whether Tao Yuxuan agreed or not and hung up the phone.

Tao Yuxuan looked at the disconnected phone and gritted her teeth.

Each and every one of them fell in love like they were having a court battle!


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