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It was a pity that Xie Yunzhou could not hear Shi Xis thoughts.

When he saw Shi Xis reply, the corners of his mouth curled up.

[I just got off work.

What do you want to eat]

Shi Xi thought to herself,I want to eat spicy hot pot, drink milk tea, and get a massage.

Hence, Shi Xi mustered up her courage and replied, [Spicy hot pot.]

Only with junk food was her life worth living.

Xie Yunzhou: [Ill go pick you up.]

Shi Xi: “…”

Was this villain boss really that free

System: [Eh, youre quite familiar with Xie Yunzhou]

Shi Xi said worriedly, “Yeah, I accidentally saved him last time, and he said that he wanted to treat me to a meal.”

System: [If a man treats a woman to a meal, he must be up to no good.]

Shi Xi became even more worried.

“Yeah, I was afraid that he would poison me a few times before, so I didnt eat my fill.”

If it was in the past, the system might have pitied Shi Xi.

But after being bound to Shi Xi for two days, the system already knew Shi Xis personality.

The only reason she didnt eat her fill was because Shi Xis appetite was too big.

It definitely wasnt because she was afraid of being poisoned.

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Shi Xi sighed.

Yun Guanghe yawned and asked, “What are you doing tonight Are you going to sing”

Shi Xi looked up.

“No, my friend asked me out for dinner.”

Yun Guanghe subconsciously said, “Didnt your manager ask you to go on a diet and not have dinner”

When Shi Xi heard the wordmanager, he looked to the side.

She only heaved a sigh of relief when she didnt see Han Chuan.

“Its fine.

Im secretly eating.

He wont notice,” Shi Xi said.

Yun Guanghe: “…If you want to lose weight, you can go to the second floor of the hotel.

Theres a gym there.

I often get up early to go for a run.”

Shi Xi nodded.

“Ill go when I have time.”

Yun Guanghe did not take Shi Xis words to heart.

He only thought that she was just saying it casually.

However, he was just casually mentioning it.

Shi Xi went back to the hotel first.

She put the script back in the hotel and changed into a new set of clothes.

Not long after, Xie Yunzhous message arrived.

Xie Yunzhou: [Im at the entrance of the hotel.]

Shi Xi put on her hat and went downstairs.

Although she was not a big star, nor was she going to be a love bean, and there were no rules against dating…

She did not want to be photographed dating a strange man.

Especially with Xie Yunzhou.

If she were to have anaffair with Yun Guanghe, she would be extremely happy.

Unfortunately, Yun Guanghe was the male lead and was having anaffair with Wen Yao.

While she was thinking about all these, Shi Xi had already reached the first floor of the hotel.

Just as she came out of the hotel, Shi Xi saw Xie Yunzhous car.

She was about to walk over quietly and get into the car.

However, she was stopped.

“Long time no see, Shi Xi Xi.” The stallion man walked in front of Shi Xi and smiled evilly.

“I was just about to call you when you came out.

Do we have a telepathic connection”

Shi Xi looked at the man in front of her with a shocked expression.

“Who are you”

Leng Qiankuns expression was extremely interesting.

Xie Yunzhou came out of the car and happened to hear Shi Xis words.

His expression was also a little subtle.


Leng, I heard that youre working overseas.

Why You cant handle it anymore Have you returned to the country”

Having been hit with a soft nail, Leng Qiankun looked at Xie Yunzhou and said vaguely, “Naturally, I cant compare to Young Master Xies glory in the country.”

Shi Xi smacked her head.

“Leng Qiankun!”

Leng Qiankun smiled.

“Why Ive only been gone for a year, and youve already forgotten about me”

“Haha, how could I forget I was just joking with you.” Shi Xi smiled awkwardly.

She thought to herself,Youve been gone for a year, but the original owner has completely left.


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