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Fortunately, Shi Xi had a clear understanding of her own abilities.

She quickly recovered from her defeat and began to buy new gowns.

Shi Xi did not like to borrow or rent clothes, so she could only buy new gowns.

Just as she was thinking about which brand of gowns to buy, Tao Yuxuan came looking for her.

Tao Yuxuan: [Leng Qiankun is back.

Come to Mei Ye to welcome him tonight.]

Seeing this name, Shi Xi thought to herself,Who is this guy

‘Im afraid hes not some cannon fodder.

System: [Leng Qiankun has always liked Shi Xi.

He came back this time to marry Shi Xi.]

Shi Xi asked in surprise, “Its me Why dont I remember”

System: [To be precise, its him who has a one-sided love for you.

You have a one-sided love for Sheng Yan.]

With that said, Shi Xi finally remembered.

“Awoo, I remember now.

Hes the male supporting actor who has been framing Ning Yu for Shi Xi! Am I right”

System: [Yes, hes also an important supporting actor!]

Shi Xi asked, “So, Im going to welcome him tonight”

System: [Do as you wish.

There are no plot points today.]

Shi Xi grasped the crux of the matter and asked, “The plot point that youve been talking about is the main storyline”

System: [Yes.

As long as you dont affect the main storyline, it doesnt matter what you do.]

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Shi Xi directly rejected Tao Yuxuans invitation.

[Why should I go to the welcoming banquet I might as well go back to the hotel and lie down to rest.]

System: …I should have known earlier that this host doesnt like to socialize.

Tao Yuxuan: [You guys havent seen each other for a long time.

Dont you miss him]

Shi Xi: [No.]

Tao Yuxuan used her trump card.

[Sheng Yan might come too.]

Shi Xi: [Then I dont want to go even more.] She couldnt wait to get away from the male lead.

Tao Yuxuan: [For my sake, come over.

I beg you, Ill agree to whatever you want!]

Tao Yuxuan: [Where did you go]

Tao Yuxuan: [Sister Are you here]

After Shi Xi rejected Tao Yuxuans invitation, Tao Yuxuan started bombarding her with messages and even called her.

However, Shi Xi refused to go.

She did not show any mercy at all.

Tao Yuxuan was at a loss.

She looked at the stallion man not far away and said, “Shes been filming recently and seems to be very busy.

She doesnt have the time.”

The stallion mans eyes were dark and he seemed to be trapped in the swirling smoke.

He crushed the cigarette butt in the ashtray and said in a hoarse voice, “Its alright.

Ill go look for her.”

The atmosphere around the man was too cold, causing Tao Yuxuan to tremble.

She secretly lit a candle for Shi Xi.

‘Sister, you can only count on yourself!

Tao Yuxuan remembered their sisterly relationship and sent a message to Shi Xi.

[Leng Qiankun is looking for you.

Be careful.]

However, at this time, Shi Xi was already on set and missed Tao Yuxuans reminder.


At the airport.

Xie Yunzhou had just returned from a business trip.

He looked at the time and started to send a message to Shi Xi.

[Where are you]

After a long while, he still did not receive any messages.

Xie Yunzhou returned to the company first and put his phone aside to handle the work that he had left behind during this period of time.

However, he would look at his phone from time to time.

Even though he had given Shi Xi a special reminder, he wondered why this lass still had not replied to his message yet.


At the production team.

The directors “call it a day” made the workers cheer.

Shi Xi had already thought it through.

She would order spicy hot pot takeout, order a cup of iced milk tea, order a massage lady, and be at ease on the hotel bed.

She picked up her phone.

Xie Yunzhou: [Where are you]

After Shi Xi saw Xie Yunzhous message, she no longer had the mood to look at other peoples messages.

She replied, [The production team just got off work.]

Is something the big boss needs

If theres anything, dont look for me.

I cant help you!

If theres nothing, dont look for me!!


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