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The topic ofShi Xi doesnt raise fish was talked about by fans, and soon it was on the entertainment charts.

Who didnt like pretty girls

Although the topic didnt make it onto the hot searches this time, the photo was still a little popular, and it laid a solid foundation for the red carpet style later on.

Shi Xi returned to the set and continued shooting [The Overbearing School Bully Fell In Love With Me].

Todays plot was about the school belle supporting actress being jealous of the female lead and finding someone to beat her up.

In the end, the female lead was saved by the male lead.

Shi Xi was already very adept at acting as the vicious supporting actress.

She even wanted to do it herself, but was stopped by her subordinates.

Shi Xis filming went very smoothly.

On the other hand, Yun Guanghe and Wen Yao had taken quite a few NGs today, so they werent in the right mood.

“Whats wrong with the two of you! If you can shoot, then shoot! If you cant shoot, then get lost!” The director bit on his cigarette and was very irritable.

Yun Guanghe quickly apologized, “Im sorry, Director.

Im in bad shape.”

Wen Yao, who was playing the female lead, also lowered her head repeatedly.

“Im sorry.”

The director had always had a bad temper.

He said angrily, “Well shoot after youve properly adjusted your mood! Shi Xi, shoot your scenes first!”

Shi Xi looked at the male and female lead worriedly, then walked up to the scene with her head held high.

It seemed that she was the real heavens favored daughter, the future movie queen!

With the boost of confidence, Shi Xis evil female lead acted even better.

Her eyes were filled with an aura that looked down on the world, like a proud peacock.

After shooting this scene, Shi Xi was in a good mood.

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She knew that the male and female lead were both veteran actors and had always been modest in their studies.

She did not expect that she would surpass their predecessors now.

Life was really so easy!

“Its fine.

Its just a few NGs.

The director wont take it to heart.” Shi Xi even went to comfort Yun Guanghe.

Yun Guanghe sighed.

“Im not worried about this.

Im thinking about the Starlight Award.”

Shi Xi: “Starlight Award”

Yun Guanghe nodded.

“I was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor for the Starlight Award.

I dont know if Ill win this time.”

Shi Xi: “”

“The few people who were nominated with you arent as good as you.

You should be able to win.” Wen Yao also sat down and comforted Yun Guanghe.

She sighed and said, “Those who were nominated with me for Best Actress are all seniors in the industry.

Im destined to be an escort.”

Shi Xi: “”

Yun Guanghe quickly said, “Youre the youngest Best Actress candidate to date.

Those who were nominated with you are all first-rate rookies.

It wont be a loss even if youre an escort.

Even if youre an escort, I wonder what role you will play in the next drama!”

Shi Xi: “”

Hearing the two of them speak at Versailles, Shi Xi was speechless.

The two of them were going to the awards ceremony to receive their awards.

At the very least, there would be a nomination.

And when she went to the awards ceremony, she just happened to give them a round of applause.


Too wonderful!

She still thought that she had surpassed these two people

The clown was actually herself!

Shi Xi was the most miserable.

Hence, when the crew members looked over, they could only see three unhappy actors.

Shi Xi took a deep breath and stood up.

“Alright, lets finish shooting todays scenes first.”

“Shi Xi is right.

Lets finish shooting todays scenes first.” Yun Guanghe nodded.

“If were going to accompany them, then well accompany them.

If worst comes to worst, well just get the Best Actor award next year.”

Wen Yao smiled.

“Youre quite confident.”

“Im just ordinary and confident.” Yun Guanghe laughed at himself.

The two of them chatted and laughed as they entered the scene, leaving Shi Xi alone on the spot in sorrow.

Shi Xi muttered to herself, “Ordinary and confident.

Why is this description of so accurate for me If I wasnt ordinary, why would I not dare to resist when I became a female supporting actress If Im not confident, how can I think that my acting skills are better than the two of them Isnt life too hard”


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