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Xie Yunzhou was lying on the bed, not understanding why he was here.

Where was this place

How did he meet that spoiled little princess of the Shi Family

Just as he was puzzled, the door of the infusion room was opened again.

Shi Xi came in with a bowl in her hand.

“Its time to eat.”

It was as if she was here to deliver prison food.


“Where is this place Why am I here” Xie Yunzhou looked around.

This place did not look like a hospital.

Instead, it looked like some kind of black-hearted clinic.

Shi Xi explained, “This is a small clinic in Long Quan Village.

When I was on my way home, I met you on the way and brought you here.”

Xie Yunzhou suddenly recalled that someone had gossiped about Shi Xi.

Shi Xi was not the biological daughter of the Shi family.

Her parents were actually from the countryside.

Shi Xi placed the bowl on the table and took out her phone to pass it to him.

She said, “I think your phone is missing.

You can use mine to make a call first.”

Xie Yunzhou held her pink phone and was at a loss.

“Thank you.”

Then, he called his assistant and asked him to pick him up the next day.

This time, he really had to thank Shi Xi.

Shi Xi said, “Its fine.

have some porridge.”

Xie Yunzhou endured the pain and said weakly, “I dont have the strength.”

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Shi Xi said in surprise, “Youre not going to die soon, are you”

Xie Yunzhou: “”

He seemed to see the surprise on Shi Xis face.

Xie Yunzhou thought about it for a moment.

He did not have much contact with the Shi Family and knew a few of Shi Xis older brothers, but he definitely did not have any bad blood with them.

Shi Xi… didnt like him

It made sense.

Shi Xi was the little princess of the Shi Family in Feng City.

She had always been held in the palm of others, so how could she treat others kindly

Xie Yunzhou said calmly, “Tomorrow morning, my assistant will come to pick me up.”

It was already night, and the road to Long Quan Village was steep.

It was still raining outside, so he wasnt that picky.

Shi Xi heard his weak tone, but he was still a thousand miles away fromdeath. So she said, “Lets talk about tomorrows matter tomorrow.

Drink the porridge first.”

Xie Yunzhou half sat up.

From his arm to his chest, it was painful.

Shi Xi sat by the bed, scooped up a spoonful of porridge, and fed it to his mouth.

Xie Yunzhou was slightly surprised.

He could sense that Shi Xi did not like him, but why was she still feeding him porridge

Shi Xi urged, “Hurry up and eat.

I put some sugar in it.

It wont taste good once its cold.”

Xie Yunzhou suspected that she had poisoned the bowl.

However, he had no enmity with Shi Xi in the distant past.

If Shi Xi really wanted to harm him, she would not have sent him to the clinic.

The girl fed him the porridge seriously.

There was not a trace of impurity in her sparkling black eyes.

It seemed that the rumors of Shi Xi being arrogant and unruly were true.

Xie Yunzhou pursed his lips and lowered his head to drink the porridge.

After drinking a bowl of porridge, he felt that he had some strength left.

After Shi Xi fed him the porridge, she left.

After a while, the door to the infusion room was pushed open.

Shi Xi hugged a pillow while Mother Ning came in with a new blanket.

When he saw that Shi Xi had made up the bed, Xie Yunzhou was slightly surprised.

“You want to sleep here”

Shi Xi had already showered and was wearing a nightgown.

She sat by the bed and said, “Yes, this is like a hospital ward.

Whats the big deal about sleeping together Its not like were sleeping on the same bed.”

Could it be that she had to sleep in the female protagonists room

Xie Yunzhou could not refute her.

He had been saved by Shi Xi and was still living under someone elses roof.

How could he refute her

Shi Xi was also in despair.

Why didnt she sleep in the Shi Familys super-large bedroom and instead came here to sleep in the infusion room

Because the female protagonist was in the Shi Family.

Now that she thought about it, she had gone back to the countryside to hide from the female protagonist.

In the end, she had met the big villain and even had to sleep in the same room as the big villain.


Sure enough, avoiding the problem would not solve it.

It would only cause her to encounter more troublesome problems.

After Mother Ning left, Xie Yunzhou lay on the bed.

He could still smell the faint fragrance in the infusion room.

Xie Yunzhou could not fall asleep.

He struggled to get up.


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