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The system was so angry that it did not turn off after five minutes.

It was stuck.

It was so angry.

The system took a deep breath and was ready to turn off again.

Just as the system programs were exiting one by one, the door of Shi Xis bedroom was opened.

A man walked into the bedroom and saw Shi Xi lying on the bed asleep.

He walked forward helplessly and covered her with the blanket before turning off the lights.


System: [!!]

The system shut down.

The next morning, the alarm clock woke up the system that had just turned on.

System: [Host, wake up, its time to get up!]

Shi Xi pulled the blanket over her head and tried to refuse to get up in an inaudible manner.

System: […]

The alarm clock was really noisy.

The system started to sing: [I love you, you love me, Mixue ice cream and tea~]


Shi Xi covered her ears.

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The system: [I love you, you love me, Mixue ice cream and tea~]

Shi Xi sat up from the bed, her eyes filled with resentment.

‘What are you doing!

She knew that the system was not a good thing!

The system: [Turn off the alarm clock first, its making me so annoyed.]

Shi Xi gritted her teeth and turned off the alarm clock as she said,Whos making noise

The system explained, [If you didnt set the alarm clock, I wouldnt have been disturbed, much less you.]


Shi Xi said righteously,Then, if you didnt enter my mind, why would I disturb you

The system was silent.

Shi Xi got up to wash up and apologized to the system in her mind,Its my fault, I shouldnt have lost my temper at you.

The system said, [Hahaha, I knew you would apologize first!]

What a mistake!

Shi Xi cursed the system in her heart for being too cunning, even more cunning than a human!

D*mn it!

When Shi Xi went downstairs to eat, she saw Han Chuan already sitting in the living room.

Han Chuans smile was like that of the old days.

He showed Shi Xi the insulated box in his hand and said gently, “Ive already packed your breakfast.

Get in the car.”

After sending the two of them off, the Shi parents reminded her, “Dont be too tired.

Come home during the holidays.”

“Ill come back often!” Shi Xi reluctantly said goodbye to her greenhouse.

System: [Since you want to stay, why are you still filming There are no plot points for you to break into the entertainment industry in the Female Supporting Storyline Mission.]

Shi Xi asked,Then I cant go to film

System: [Of course you can.

As long as you dont affect the main storyline, it doesnt matter what you do.]

Shi Xi leaned against the back of the car.

‘Im saving money for myself! As long as I have money, I dont have to take away the Shi Familys assets.

System: [The Shi Familys corporation is valued at 500 billion.]

The atmosphere instantly fell silent.

Shi Xi suddenly understood why the original owner was so shameless to want the shares of the Shi Family.

That was 500 billion!

Not 500 thousand, not 500 million.

Yes! 500! Billion!

Han Chuan realized that Shi Xi was in a low mood and thought that she had not slept well.

He said, “Theres an award ceremony recently.

Do you want to prepare your own clothes, or do you want me to help you borrow your clothes”

“Award ceremony” Shi Xi looked up lazily.

“What am I going to do Give someone a round of applause”

She was a newcomer in the entertainment industry, and she had no results at all.

The entire venue was looking at others

Han Chuan: “…Youre going to walk the red carpet!”

Shi Xi remembered that there was a red carpet before the awards ceremony, so she coughed and asked, “What clothes am I going to wear Ive never walked the red carpet before.

Do you want to order a custom-made gown now, or do you want to buy one”

Han Chuan knew that Shi Xis family was rich, so he said, “You can borrow a gown from a friend.

Its just a red carpet walk.

Theres no need to buy it.

After you borrow it, just let me take a look first.”



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