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433 Boss Is Finally Not Single!!

“I wanted to wait for you to grow up, but I was afraid that you would leave.” Xie Yunzhou stared into the girls eyes and said solemnly, “So I wanted to use marriage as my goal to ask you to date me.”

Shi Xi subconsciously took a step back.

“I, I…”

Anyone who suddenly heard the wordmarriage would be confused.

Xie Yunzhou said what he had always wanted to say.

His heart suddenly relaxed and a smile appeared on his face.

“It doesnt matter.

You can take your time to consider it.”

Seeing the smile on Xie Yunzhous face, Shi Xi did not feel relaxed at all.

She only felt that she was being threatened.

Could she refuse

The fireworks were still blooming.

Under the Dream Castle, rows of small lights were flashing.

Shi Xis heart was in a mess.

Her mind was also in a mess.

boxn ovel.


Was being with Xie Yunzhou the best solution for her to survive in this world


Xie Yunzhou was the biggest villain in the book.

If she was really with him, she probably wouldnt have to worry about her little life.


What other buts were there

Shi Xi looked up and met Xie Yunzhous eyes.

Love burned like fire, like fireworks.

But when it burned out, only ashes fell.

Shi Xis heart slowly calmed down.

“Im sorry.”

Shi Xi heard herself reject Xie Yunzhou word by word.

“Thank you for your appreciation and love for me.

At this stage, I dont have any plans to fall in love or even get married.

If its possible, I hope we can still be friends.”

The sound of fireworks could be heard in the distance, but Xie Yunzhou could still hear Shi Xis voice clearly.

The girls voice was clear and shallow, like the cold spring water.

But the words she said were not as pleasant to the ear.


Not far away, Xie Yunzhous assistant looked at the two from afar, feeling anxious.

Were they really together!

He couldnt hear anything, so anxious!

What was she saying

Could she speak a little louder


Xie Yunzhou lowered his eyes and said with a faint smile, “Take the flowers.”

Shi Xi was stunned.

“I, I rejected you.”

Xie Yunzhou said, “I knew that you might reject me.”

He just didnt expect that the rejection would be so straightforward.

“Oh” Shi Xi didnt understand.

“The reason you rejected me is because you dont have any thoughts of falling in love at this stage.” Xie Yunzhou moved closer and said in a low voice, “I can wait.

When you want to fall in love, I can be your number one candidate.”

Shi Xi widened her eyes in surprise.

“You can do that”

Xie Yunzhou asked, “Can I”

Shi Xi said, “What if you dont like me then”

“So, you do like me a little.

Are you already considering being together with me in the future” Xie Yunzhou caught the loophole in Shi Xis words.


Shi Xi did not expect Xie Yunzhou to ask her this.

After calming down, the girls eyes were clear.

“I dont deny that I have a good impression of you.”

Xie Yunzhou had wanted to ask why they could not be together since she had a good impression of him.

However, he was afraid of startling the girl, so he could only take a step back.

“Take the flowers.”

Shi Xi took the flowers and said warily, “Let me say this first.

Just because I accept the flowers does not mean that I accept your confession.”

Xie Yunzhou nodded and asked, “Can you give me a hug”

While Shi Xi was hesitating, she was gently hugged along with the flowers.

With a large bouquet of flowers in the middle, this hug was actually not very intimate.

Therefore, the deep feelings and love that were suppressed, as well as the unspeakable love, were all put into this shallow hug.

Xie Yunzhou gave Shi Xi a gentle hug and then released her.

“Lets go.

Ill send you home.”


The assistant saw that Shi Xi had received the flowers.

The two of them hugged each other and almost jumped up in joy.

The boss was finally not single!!


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