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432 Why Did You Suddenly Confess!!!

Shi Xi looked up at him.

“Whats the matter If its about endorsements, Ill talk to Brother Han and lower the price to the lowest possible.”

Xie Yunzhous eyes were deep.

“Ive opened a new amusement park in Pingle District.

I want to bring you to take a look.”

Shi Xi thought for a moment and said, “The amusement parks promotional ambassador That sounds pretty good.”

“Ill take you there to take a look.” Xie Yunzhou asked his assistant to change the direction and went to the amusement park.

“You can wait for the day.

I cant see it clearly at night,” Shi Xi said.

“Theres a fireworks show at night,” Xie Yunzhou said calmly.

Shi Xi looked at Xie Yunzhou in surprise and then asked, “Have you got the qualification to set off fireworks”

It was forbidden to set off fireworks in Feng City.

Leng Qiankun had been arrested for setting off fireworks in the past.

Shi Xi kept this rule in mind.

She didnt want to be arrested for no reason!

boxn ovel.


Especially since she was a female celebrity now.

Xie Yunzhou: “…Ive already applied for the right to set off fireworks.”

The fun of chatting with Shi Xi was that you never knew what she would say next.

Shi Xi asked again, “Then from now on, you can set off fireworks at the amusement park every night Will there be an amusement park Similar to Disney”

Xie Yunzhou said, “It will be linked to a few anime IP addresses.”

Shi Xi had originally thought that the amusement park Xie Yunzhou was talking about was a childish, cute, and boring childrens amusement park.

However, when she reached the front door, Shi Xi knew that she was wrong.

Just the huge and luxurious front door in front of her couldnt possibly be just an ordinary amusement park!

The sky was already dark, and the lights in the amusement park were flickering.

It was different from the romantic day.

Under the dim sky, it was even more mysterious and ambiguous.

Shi Xi looked out of the car window and said, “This amusement park is very big.”

“The amusement park covers an area of more than 500,000 square meters.

There are three different theme parks,” Xie Yunzhou said.

“If you want to play, pick a day to play.”

Shi Xi smiled faintly and said, “After the park opens, Tao Tao and I will play together.”

She couldnt go out alone with Xie Yunzhou anymore!

After the car entered the amusement park, it continued to move forward.

Shi Xi asked, “Where are we going”

“The Dream Castle.”


It sounded like a very childish place.

However, this amusement park was really beautiful! There were many facilities that she wanted to try out.

After the park opened, she would definitely come and have a good time!

Seeing the girls bright eyes looking at the paradise outside the car window, Xie Yunzhous lips curled up slightly.

He knew that Shi Xi would like it.

He understood the little girls thoughts clearly.

Finally, the car stopped in front of a towering and gorgeous castle.

Shi Xi got down from the car, her eyes shining.

“It really looks like a fairy tale! As expected of a Dream Castle.”

The Dream Castle in front of her was gorgeous and straight, towering into the clouds.

If it had been during the day, it would have been even more beautiful!

Shi Xi held back the thought of taking a photo.

She would do it again the next time she came!


Not far away, a cluster of fireworks rose into the sky and shattered at the highest point.

The beautiful purple fireworks were mysterious and enchanting.

Then, the colorful fireworks exploded, forming all kinds of shapes.

Shi Xi stared at them intently.

“Shi Xi.”

Xie Yunzhou called her name from behind.

Shi Xi turned around and saw Xie Yunzhou holding a bouquet of champagne roses.

The surrounding lights were flickering, looking dreamy and romantic.

Shi Xis heart began to beat faster.

Xie Yunzhou looked at Shi Xi and said, “Shi Xi, Ive always wanted to wait for you to grow up, so we can be together.”

Shi Xi: Then why dont you wait! Continue to wait!!

Why confess all of a sudden!!!

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