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431 Xie Yunzhou Likes Her

So, did Xie Yunzhou like her

Shi Xi secretly looked at Xie Yunzhou.

‘I cant tell!

Shi Xis feelings were complicated.

She wanted to ask directly, but she was afraid that she would be mistaken and be regarded as narcissistic by Xie Yunzhou.

It was so difficult.

Even when she was in Qingshui Restaurant, Shi Xi was still in a dilemma.

Fortunately, Xie Yunzhou was busy with his own things, so Shi Xi was not so constrained.

Just as she was thinking, Shi Xi received a call from her mother.

“Where did you go Why arent you at home” Mother Shi asked, “Have you recovered from your cold Are you running outside”

“Uh, I came out to shop and eat outside.” Shi Xi did not dare to say that she came back from the production team.

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When she heard that Shi Xi was going out to shop, Mother Shi thought that she was with Tao Yuxuan, so she reminded, “Remember not to eat spicy food and come back early.”


However, when Shi Xi arrived at Qingshui Restaurant, she met Shi Xu who came to eat.

Shi Xi: …Theres no need to be so coincidental, right

Shi Xu and the people he was meeting for business came to eat.

When he saw Shi Xi, he asked, “Why arent you resting at home”

Shi Xi said the same thing, “Im out shopping and having a meal along the way.”

“Youre out shopping with President Xie” Shi Xu looked at Xie Yunzhou who was beside Shi Xi.

Shi Xi: QAQ

Shi Xi didnt know what to say.

Xie Yunzhou replied calmly, “Cant I go shopping with Shi Xi”

Shi Xu looked at the two of them and smiled as he rubbed Shi Xis head.

He reminded, “Remember, youre not allowed to drink.”

Shi Xi immediately nodded.

“I wont drink.”

“Go home early after eating.

Be good.” After Shi Xu finished his words, he looked at Xie Yunzhou.

“Ill have to trouble President Xie to send Xi Xi home.”

“I will.” Xie Yunzhou nodded slightly.

Shi Xi wanted to ask Shi Xu,Brother, dont you feel that something is wrong!

‘Your sister is eating with another man outside!!

‘This is very likely a date!!

‘Arent you worried!

However, Shi Xu couldnt hear Shi Xis thoughts and had already entered the private room.

Because Shi Xi had a cold and her throat wasnt feeling well, the two of them had a light dinner.

Shi Xi was in a daze as she ate, thinking about her relationship with Xie Yunzhou.

They used to get along very naturally.

Why did she suddenly feel that it wasnt so natural

“Are you not feeling well” Xie Yunzhou saw that Shi Xi didnt have any appetite, so his big hand landed on Shi Xis forehead.

“You dont have a fever.

Why dont you have an appetite”

Shi Xi blurted out, “Do you have someone you like”

Xie Yunzhou retracted his hand and his eyes were indifferent.

“Why are you asking this”

“Its nothing.

Im just asking.” Shi Xi did not receive a reply and lowered her head to continue eating.

She shouldnt have asked!

The best thing to do now was to quickly eat dinner and go home to have a good nights sleep.

Keep a distance from Xie Yunzhou in the future!

Seeing that the girl had lost her appetite just now and was now engrossed in eating, looking as if she had seen the light, Xie Yunzhou sighed in his heart.

He wanted to take things slow with Shi Xi.

He wanted to start as a friend and slowly develop their relationship.

He would confess to Shi Xi when she was a little older.

But now, it seemed that after Shi Xi knew of his intentions, she only wanted to retreat.

She really was a little troublemaker.


After eating, Shi Xi had already regained her composure.

She was so beautiful and smart.

It was very normal for a man to like her.

There was no need to panic.

“Thank you for the wedding dress.

If theres anything I can help you with in the future, I will definitely do it.” The girls eyes were curved and bright like the stars.

Xie Yunzhous Adams apple bobbed.

He said in a low voice, “Theres something I need your help with right now.”


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