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430 Putting On Shi Xis Veil

The door of the fitting room was pushed open, and Shi Xi slowly walked out.

Xie Yunzhou heard the commotion and looked over, his eyes shining with an inexplicable light.

The elegant and noble pure white wedding dress was originally tailor-made for Shi Xi.

Every detail matched the girls perfect figure.

The girls skin was fair, her collarbone was exquisite, and her neck was as long as a swans.

The large bow on her chest covered her chest, giving her an elegant and noble air.

Her waist was slender, her long skirt swayed, and the hem of her skirt dragged on the floor.

The store manager motioned for Shi Xi to walk in front of the mirror.

He handed over the white gloves and said, “This is a matching pair of gloves.

Wheres the veil”

When she was picking up the wedding veil, she placed it on the table beside the sofa.

Xie Yunzhou picked up the veil and slowly walked over.

Shi Xi was lowering her head and putting on the gloves when she noticed Xie Yunzhou walking in front of her.

“Dont move.” The mans voice was deep and pleasant to the ears.

Shi Xi lowered her head obediently and allowed Xie Yunzhou to pin the veil on her head.

The two of them were extremely close to each other.

Even though it was only a short period of time for the veil to be put on, it was as if they were exchanging rings at a wedding.

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Zhu Lin, who was waiting by the side, took out her phone and could not help but take a few photos.

Xie Yunzhou was wearing a suit.

When he adjusted Shi Xis veil, it really looked like a wedding scene!

The atmosphere was amazing!!

“Its done.”

Xie Yunzhou took half a step back and looked at the girl in front of him.

His eyes could not hide his amazement.

Shi Xi looked at the mirror in the shop and was very satisfied.

The shop manager asked, “Miss Shi, do you think there is anything else that needs to be modified”

“No.” Shi Xi turned around and said, “My neck seems to be a little empty.”

The store manager smiled and said, “The store has necklaces, but its more recommended that you wear jewelry.”

Shi Xi suddenly understood.

Thats right, you definitely have to wear jewelry when the time comes.

Xie Yunzhou was already thinking about what kind of jewelry to buy for Shi Xi before the wedding.

“I have a few sets of diamond necklaces at home.

I can wear them tomorrow.” Shi Xi nodded with satisfaction.

“Ill try the other set.”

Although it was a little troublesome to take off the wedding dress, no one would get tired of wearing such a beautiful wedding dress!

If the Elegant Dove was said to be a noble young lady, then the other wedding dress, the Swan in the Snow, was the gorgeous princess.

The layers of dresses were luxurious and bright, and the broken diamonds were dazzling.

It made people want to get married on the spot.

“Theyre all very beautiful.” Shi Xis eyes curved as she looked at Xie Yunzhou.

“Thank you.”

“Which one do you like better” Xie Yunzhou wanted to know more about Shi Xis preferences.

He wanted to give more references to future wedding gowns.

Shi Xi looked at herself in the mirror and said, “This Swan in the Snow.”

She was just a layman!

She just liked gorgeous wedding gowns!

Xie Yunzhou nodded and noted it down.

These two wedding gowns were received by different designers, and they had different styles.

But they were both very beautiful.


After leaving the wedding dress shop, Shi Xi looked at the photos Zhu Lin sent to her on her phone.

Most of the photos were of her alone, and she looked like a beautiful bride.

When she saw the photo of Xie Yunzhou adjusting her veil, Shi Xis eyes widened.

Xie Yunzhou sat beside Shi Xi and asked, “Where do you want to eat”

“Nothing.” Shi Xi immediately turned off her phone and said, “Im not looking at anything.”

Xie Yunzhou said helplessly, “Im asking, you where do you want to eat Qingshui Restaurant Or Fenglin Garden”

Shi Xi said, “Qingshui Restaurant it is.

I want to eat their dengying beef.”

After saying that, Shi Xi thought about it carefully.

She suddenly realized that Xie Yunzhou did not give her the option ofgoing home for dinner!

This appointment was too natural!

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