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429 That Love Idiot Shi Xi

At the thought of this, Shi Xi stopped in her tracks.

Xie Yunzhou, who was walking in front, turned around.

“Why didnt you come up”

Shi Xi forced a smile.

“Ill go up now.”

It couldnt be a proposal, right

They werent a couple.

How could Xie Yunzhou like her

They were just friends.

As Shi Xi thought of this, she thought back to their relationship.

They chatted on WeChat almost every day.

They often ate together, gave each other gifts, and went shopping together…

Xie Yunzhou even custom-made a wedding dress for her.

This was definitely not an ordinary relationship between friends!

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However, neither of them made it clear.

Shi Xi walked to the second floor with heavy steps, thinking about how to continue to get along with Xie Yunzhou.

“So beautiful!” When Shi Xi saw the wedding dress on the second floor, her eyes lit up instantly, and she threw everything else to the back of her mind.

What love!

Beautiful clothes were the most important thing!

The bright lights in the shop shone on the pure white wedding dress, making it look even more beautiful and holy.

The broken diamonds on the wedding dress reflected a dazzling light.

Shi Xi was never a simple girl.

The more gorgeous the wedding dress, the more she liked it.

There were two sets of wedding dresses that were as white as snow.

The shop owner introduced, “This gorgeous wedding dress is called the Swan in the Snow.

It has a total of 12 layers.

The hem of the dress is a hand-embroidered swan dance.

A total of 99 broken diamonds are inlaid.”

The large hem of the dress mopped the floor.

The veil and gloves were inlaid with broken diamonds.

“This simple wedding dress is called the Elegant Dove.

On the chest is an elegant bow design.

There are only three layers in total.

It is elegant and dignified, noble and exquisite.”

Although both sets of wedding dresses were white, one was gorgeous and romantic, while the other was elegant and dignified.

It was a different kind of beauty.

Shi Xi lamented, “Theyre both so beautiful! Its so hard to choose.”

“Miss Shi, these two sets of wedding dresses were custom-made for you by President Xie,” the assistant said from the side, “You have a total of two wedding scenes, one set.”

Shi Xi was stunned for a moment.

She knew that she had two scenes for the wedding, but she was only prepared to buy one set of wedding dresses.

Including the production team, they only prepared one set of wedding dresses.

In the end, Xie Yunzhou actually directly custom-made two sets

Just for those few minutes of scenes

Villain Xie, wake up!

This is a drama that our Kuai Xue Entertainment invested in!

Shi Xi was speechless.

She could only look at the wedding dress and said, “Its too much of a waste to only wear it for a few minutes.”

Xie Yunzhou said, “This was a rushed order.

If you like it, Ill get the designer to make a new one.”

“Make another one” Shi Xis heart raced.

“You can wear it when you get married.” Xie Yunzhous tone was calm, without the slightest ripple.

Shi Xis pupils trembled.

Villain Xie, how can you say such a thing so calmly!

“Well… Well see.” Shi Xi took two steps back and said carefully, “Ill try this one first.”

Shi Xi chose the elegant wedding dress and ran into the fitting room.

Watching Shi Xi enter the fitting room, Xie Yunzhou said thoughtfully, “She seems to be a little uneasy.”

The assistant: “…Perhaps Miss Shi was too excited to see the wedding dress.”

Xie Yunzhou sat on the sofa, thinking about what was wrong with Shi Xi.

Suddenly, he chuckled and said, “Shes finally enlightened.”

The assistant thought to himself,That wasnt easy.

That love idiot Shi Xi, did she finally see clearly that you were chasing her

Thinking about it, the assistant became nervous.

If Shi Xi rejected President Xie, President Xie would definitely be angry.

President Xie was angry, the first to bear the brunt of this was the small assistant.

Assistant: TAT

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