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427 I Said I Would Go and Try On My Wedding Dress Now~

“The business world is like a battlefield.

Very few people can always dominate the business world.

Back then, the Chu familys high-end custom-made clothes were excellent.

All the upper-class people in Feng City made clothes at their place,” Leng Qiankun said while leaning against the sofa.

Shi Xi asked in puzzlement, “Then why cant they do it now”

Leng Qiankun said, “I heard that there was a problem with their designers, and the supply of the industry couldnt meet the demand.

Anyway, when it came to my generation, their family had already declined.”

Shi Xi nodded thoughtfully.

“However, they did give me inspiration.” Leng Qiankun looked at Shi Xi and asked, “Do you have a clothing endorsement and promotion now What kind of clothing endorsement did you take before”

As expected of a legitimate company.

They first asked Shi Xi about the endorsement and promotion and considered the differences in competing products.

Shi Xi said, “I havent received any clothing endorsements yet.

My agent helped me look at a few, but it seems that they havent reached an agreement yet.”

Leng Qiankun said, “Give me your agents contact information.

Ill get someone to discuss it.”

Tao Yuxuan interrupted, “I was the one who came first.

Xi Xi wants to shoot an advertisement for my family first!”

Leng Qiankun raised his eyes lazily.

“We are not the same product.

Shi Xi Xi can promote it at the same time.

You should learn more about the companys operations.

What are you learning”

Tao Yuxuan shut her mouth.

boxn ovel.


She was indeed inferior to Leng Qiankun when it came to the companys operations.

Shi Xi said to Leng Qiankun, “Theres a designer called Song Song at the Chu Tang Workshop.

Shes the one who designed the outfit for me yesterday.

You can poach her.”

Leng Qiankun raised an eyebrow.

“Thats not very good, is it”

Shi Xi thought to herself,Do you still think thats not very good

“You can invite her with a high salary.

Whether shes willing to go or not is her own business,” Shi Xi said.

“Im just making a suggestion.”

“Ill get someone to contact her.” Leng Qiankun finished his business talk and left after sitting for a short while.

Tao Yuxuan looked at Shi Xi and said, “Xi Xi, do you not like that Chu Hua”

Shi Xi said, “No, why do you ask”

Tao Yuxuan mustered up her courage and said, “Then why do you still want to poach her designer”

“Poach her Is it because you dont like her” Shi Xi laughed.

“I just feel that the designer doesnt stand a chance in Chu Tang Workshop.”

“Is that so” Tao Yuxuan was skeptical.

Shi Xi started to chase her away.

“Alright, I have to return to the set in the afternoon.

You should go.”

“But youre still sick…”

“I have a small cold.

I wont die.”


After chasing Tao Yuxuan away, Shi Xi felt that her cold was no big deal, so she went to the set.

Although the director had given her three days off under the pressure of Shi Xu, Shi Xi didnt really want to miss three days of work.

She was the female lead.

If she did not come for three days, how could she continue filming

After arriving at the production team, Shi Xi realized that she was overthinking things.

Without her, the production team continued filming as usual.

After all, other than the male and female leads, there were also two male and two female leads, three male and three female leads… There were many more scenes that could be filmed.

Shi Xi: TAT

The director knew that Shi Xi had asked for leave, so he did not arrange for her to be in todays scenes.

When he saw that Shi Xi was free… “Then go and try on the wedding dress that the production team has prepared for you.

If theres anything you need to change, just let me know in advance.

Well shoot the wedding scene tomorrow.”

In [Meeting You In the Depths of Time], Shi Xi had two wedding scenes, so the director put them together to shoot them.

“Well shoot it tomorrow How can you still change it today” Shi Xi asked softly.

The director: “What did you say”

Shi Xi: “I said Ill go and try on the wedding dress now~”

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