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426 An Empty Check For 500,000 Yuan In Exchange For Her Endorsement For Half a Year

But now, with the rise of e-commerce, the major brands of household appliances were in a frenzy, looking for well-known endorsers.

Tao Household Appliances do not have a broad market, but it was not to the extent that they could not survive.

Up or down.

Said to look for endorsers, it was also the Tao family companys previous proposal.

But the endorsement fee was too high.

And finding a cheap spokesperson was ineffective.

This matter had been put on hold.

Speaking of which…

Chu Hua looked earnestly at Shi Xi and said, “Miss Shi, you can take a look at our designs.

Theyre really excellent! I can guarantee that as long as you endorse them, each one of them can sell at least 100,000 pieces.”

Shi Xi looked at the designs on them.

Some of them were not bad, but most of them did not have any highlights.

Thinking of this, Shi Xi asked, “The clothes I wore yesterday, were they designed by you or Song Song”

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Chu Hua paused for a moment and said, “They were designed by Song Song.

I gave her some pointers.”

Shi Xi replied with anoh and did not say anything else.

After looking through the entire design album, Shi Xi said, “These designs alone are not enough to move me.”

Chu Hua wanted to say something else, but a servant came in and said, “Miss, Young Master Leng is here.”

“Why is he here Let him in.” Shi Xi was a little puzzled.

She then looked at Tao Yuxuan beside her and asked, “Did you call him here”

Tao Yuxuan quickly said, “I told him that I was at your house, so he came over.”

Shi Xi returned the album to Chu Hua and said, “Im sorry.

The matter of the endorsement is not something that I can decide on my own.

Thank you for your approval.”

“I suggest that you find some internet celebrities to promote your shop.

Now that your shop has gained a reputation, you can slowly expand it.”

She wanted to climb to the top in a single step and exchange her endorsement for 500,000 yuan for half a year.

Chu Hua pursed her lips and lowered her eyes.

On the other side, the maid had already brought Leng Qiankun in.

Leng Qiankun saw Chu Hua and sneered.

“Why are you here”

From the looks of it, the two of them actually knew each other.

“Im here to look for Miss Shi.” Chu Huas expression did not look too good when she saw Leng Qiankun.

She kept her art album.

She said to Shi Xi, “Since Miss Shi doesnt agree, Ill be leaving first.

These clothes were made according to your measurements, so you can keep them.

If you like them, you can try them on.”

With that said, Chu Hua strode away.

After Chu Hua left, Tao Yuxuan asked Shi Xi what she wanted to know.

“How did you two meet”

Leng Qiankun sat down and said indifferently, “The Chu Tang Workshop is a clothing manufacturer.

They once competed with us for the clothing market in Feng City.”

Tao Yuxuan asked, “And then”

Leng Qiankun raised his chin proudly and said, “The clothing market in Feng City was naturally taken over by our Leng family.”

Looking at the current situation of the two of them, he knew that too!

Shi Xi and Tao Yuxuan asked some questions and roughly understood some of the history of the previous generation.

Back then, the Leng family and the Chu family fought for the clothing market in Feng City.

The Leng family went through wholesale foreign trade, lowering the prices and mass-producing.

At the same time, they opened up another path to make targeted high-end clothing designs.

Meanwhile, the Chu family only focused on high-end customization.

They tried many times to mass-produce, but failed.

In the end, the Leng family survived the business war.

Most of the people in the Chu family didnt know how to run the business.

They could only watch the Chu family gradually decline.

When Shi Xi heard that, she sighed.

“The current Chu Tang Workshop only has a small studio.”

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