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425 Empty-Handed White Wolf

To tell a lie, one had to use countless lies to cover it up.

Tao Yuxuan and Shi Xu were riding a tiger.

Shi Xi asked, “Then, have you decided when you want to confess”

After all, it was not so easy to fake a pregnancy.

After three months, if she did not show any signs of pregnancy, they would be exposed.

Shi Xu and Xu Ziqings engagement had already been canceled, and it was about time for them to confess.

Tao Yuxuan sighed and said, “Shi Xu said that he will find a time to confess everything.

Lets wait for him.”

This matter was caused by Shi Xu, and he would bear all the consequences.

Tao Yuxuan did not expect that the two families would be concerned about her.

In the afternoon, the maid said that a person called Chu Hua had come to visit Shi Xi.

Shi Xi was a little puzzled.

How did Chu Hua know her address

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Also, why did Chu Hua come to her house

Tao Yuxuan asked, “Chu Hua Who is she Is she a friend of yours in the entertainment industry”

Shi Xi said, “Shes a small boss of a fashion design studio.

Let her in.”

After all, she was Xie Yunzhous friend, so she couldnt be so cold.

Maybe Xie Yunzhou was the one who had asked Chu Hua to come visit.

Chu Hua had come to visit only after she had made sufficient preparations.

Not only did she bring clothes, but she also brought some design albums from the Chu Tang Workshop.

She pushed the design albums forward and said, “Miss Shi, these are the clothes that our Chu Tang Workshop has designed before.

You can take a look.”

Shi Xi sat on the sofa and lazily leaned against the back of the sofa.

She casually flipped through it and asked, “You didnt come looking for me just to give me the album, right”

Chu Hua said, “I still have a few clothes.”

Shi Xi directly asked, “Do you want me to be the spokesperson for your Chu Tang Workshop”

Chu Hua nodded.


Shi Xi said bluntly, “I remember that I said this yesterday.

If you want to look for me to be the spokesperson, you have to look for my agent to discuss it.”

Chu Hua looked a little embarrassed.

“But, the price your agent offered is too high.”

Tao Yuxuan interrupted and asked, “How much is the agents offer”

Chu Hua looked at Shi Xi and said, “3 million, and its only for half a year.”

Tao Yuxuan said, “Its not too bad.

For a celebrity like Shi Xi, only 3 million is not too much.

Our company wanted to hire a B-List celebrity before, but he asked for 20 million.”

Shi Xu asked, “Did you sign it in the end”

Tao Yuxuan shook her head.

“No, its too expensive.”

Listening to their conversation, Chu Hua changed the topic and said, “This price is too high.

We hope that it can be cheaper.”

Shi Xi asked, “Then whats your psychological price”

Chu Hua said awkwardly, “Our shop only has half a million in working capital now.

Moreover, there were too many orders before, so we gave them to the factory.”

“So,” Tao Yuxuan pondered, “Are you trying to get something for nothing”

Chu Hua quickly said, “Its not like that.

I can write an IOU for this 500,000 yuan first.

When this batch of goods is sold, I will definitely settle the bill for Miss Shi immediately.”

Tao Yuxuan said, “500,000 yuan Thats too cheap, right”

She turned to look at Shi Xi and said, “Ill give you 1 million yuan to help our company shoot an advertisement.”

Shi Xi said, “I can do anything.

Do the people in your company agree”

Tao Yuxuan sighed and said, “When I become the CEO, Ill look for you to be the spokesperson for our company!”

The Tao family made all kinds of household appliances and was somewhat famous in Feng City.

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