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424 Exclusive Diet For Pregnant Women

Shi Xu took out her phone.

“Ill tell your director to let you rest at home for the next three days.”

Shi Xi did not reject Shi Xus concern.

She had wanted to rest at home.

“Just let me rest for a day.” Shi Xi raised her hand.

“Ill return to the production team tomorrow.”

Shi Xu ignored her and made a call to inform the director that Shi Xi would be resting at home for the next three days.

The director on the other end of the phone pointed at Shi Xi, but was submissive in front of the big boss, Shi Xu.

Shi Xi cursed the director in her heart for being a two-faced person.


After eating breakfast, Father Shi and Shi Xu went to work.

Mother Shi had wanted to accompany Shi Xi, but she had originally booked to go to the exhibition, so she could only leave Shi Xi alone at home.

Shi Xi enjoyed the leisurely life of feeding fish at home, but it didnt take long for Tao Yuxuan to come knocking on her door.

“Auntie said that you were sick and asked me to come over to accompany you,” Tao Yuxuan said.

“Why are you sick”

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Shi Xi replied lazily, “Nothing much, just a small cold.”

She did not expect that Mother Shi would actually ask Tao Yuxuan to come over to accompany her.

Perhaps she was afraid that she would be bored at home alone.

Tao Yuxuan brought some lychees over.

Shi Xi initially wanted to eat more, but when she thought about her throat, she only ate two lychees and stopped eating.

“By the way, how is Xu Ziqing now” Tao Yuxuan asked.

The previous case had not been traced back to Xu Ziqing.

The person with the concussion had not woken up yet.

Shi Xi sighed.

“I heard that she went to the company today and became the deputy finance director.”

Tao Yuxuan said, “Thats a very popular position.”

No matter what company they were in, the departments related to finance were always the ones with the most profit.

Tao Yuxuan blinked and a plan appeared in her mind.

She said in a low voice, “How about this, we…”

Tao Yuxuan told Shi Xi about her idea and Shi Xi immediately rejected it.

“You cant blame her by doing this.

The finance director is the first one to be held accountable for the financial problems.

You might even help her get rid of the finance director.”

“If thats the case, Xu Ziqing might be able to rise up smoothly.” Shi Xi did not agree with Tao Yuxuans manipulation and said, “Xu Ziqing has some skills in the financial field.

Dont mess around.”

Tao Yuxuan was flustered and exasperated.

“This woman is really detestable!”

Shi Xi: “Dont worry.

Since she has done something bad, there must be a trail to follow.

Lets wait for it to be traced back to her.

You have to be careful recently.

Dont let anyone hurt you.”

“Dont worry.

My dad hired a bodyguard for me.

Hes a retired soldier.

Hell protect me twenty-four hours a day.

I wont be in any trouble.” Tao Yuxuan was very relieved.

Shi Xi looked around.

Tao Yuxuan was eating lychees and asked, “What are you looking for”

Shi Xi said, “Didnt you say that hell protect you twenty-four hours a day Why didnt he come in”

Tao Yuxuan said, “What danger can there be coming to your place Ill let him wait in the car.”

Shi Xi: “…”

At noon, the kitchen prepared a patient-specific light meal for Shi Xi and a pregnant womans meal for Tao Yuxuan.

Seeing these two types of meals, Shi Xi asked Tao Yuxuan in a low voice, “Are you and my brother still acting”

Tao Yuxuan replied helplessly, “I havent found the right opportunity to confess, have I”

Back then, Tao Yuxuan had lied to Xu Ziqing about her pregnancy.

After the matter was revealed to Grandpa Shi, everyone in the Shi family knew about it.

The Shi parents were originally satisfied with Tao Yuxuan, but now they were even more satisfied.

They blamed Shi Xu and asked him why he didnt bring Tao Yuxuan home earlier to be taken care of.


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