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423 Im 18 Years Old

During the shoot, the director emphasized several times that it needed to be realistic.

Thus, Shi Xi was really pressed into the water and choked on the water several times.

After floating in the water for a while, the director called for a cut.

Fortunately, it was a one-time pass.

After the scene ended, Zhu Lin quickly wrapped Shi Xi up with a big towel.

Lou Ruicong had been watching from the side and praised, “The scene today was not bad.

As expected, with my guidance, your acting skills have improved by a few steps.”

Shi Xi drank the ginger sugar water.

Ignoring Lou Ruicongs narcissism, she directly said to the director, “Director, Ill go back first.”

There was no more scene for Shi Xi.

The director waved his hand and said, “You go back first.

Remember to keep warm and be careful not to catch a cold.

You still have scenes tomorrow.”

When the cold wind blew, Shi Xi shivered, thinking that she might really catch a cold.

Although she had taken a lot of precautions, Shi Xi sneezed a few times when she was sitting in the car.

“Why dont you ask the director for a leave of absence” Zhu Lin said worriedly, “Have a good rest tomorrow.”

Shi Xi hugged the ginger sugar water.

“Its fine as long as I dont have a fever.

Ill be fine after a nights sleep.”

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Zhu Lin took the temperature gun and took her temperature before exhorting, “Take another temperature test before you go to sleep.

If you have a fever, dont hold it in.”

Shi Xi nodded.

If she had a fever, she wouldnt be able to hold it in if she wanted to.


The night scene was shot until 11 oclock.

When Shi Xi returned home, it was already midnight.

Everyone in the Shi family had already rested.

Shi Xi took a hot bath and lay on the bed.

When she touched her head and felt that it was still warm, she knew that she might have a fever.

She took a temperature test with a thermometer.


Shi Xi touched her phone and asked for a leave of absence for the director.

The director expressed his regret and showed understanding and tolerance.

He gave Shi Xi half a day to recuperate and allowed Shi Xi to return to the set in the afternoon to continue filming.

Shi Xi cursed the director in her heart for being Zhou Bapi.

She promised that she would recuperate well and strive to continue filming in the set tomorrow afternoon.

The self-awareness of a laborer.

It was too difficult.

After taking the medicine, Shi Xi thought that she would be fine after a good sleep.

After all, it was only a small fever.

When she woke up the next morning, Shi Xi rubbed her head first.

Her head wasnt as hot as before.

However, she had caught a cold.

While eating breakfast, Shi Xu saw that Shi Xi was eating obediently.

Puzzled, he asked, “Whats wrong Are you not feeling well”

She wasnt usually this quiet.

“Im fine, Im just a little tired.” Shi Xis voice carried a nasal tone.

The moment she spoke, the Shi parents looked over.

Mother Shi asked with concern, “Do you have a fever Why is the nasal tone so heavy”

Not only was the nasal tone heavy, but her throat also hurt.

Shi Xi shook her head.

“I took my temperature this morning and its no longer a fever.

Itll be fine after I take some cold medicine.”

Shi Xu frowned and asked, “You had a fever yesterday Why didnt you tell us”

“Im 18 years old, not a three-year-old kid.

Ill take my own medicine if I have a fever.” Shi Xis voice was soft and had a hint of rebellion.

Her fever was because she had acted yesterday.

If the Shi family found out about it, they would definitely say how tiring it was for her to act.

She might as well study hard.

“How did you get a fever” Shi Xu asked.

She still did not escape this question.

Shi Xi said, “It might be because I caught a cold wind yesterday, so I got a fever.

My fever has really subsided, its just a little cold.

Dont worry, the production crew gave me half a day off.

Ill be fine.”

“Youve already caught a cold, why did they only give you half a day off They should give you three days off to rest and replenish your body,” Mother Shi said with heartache.

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