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422 Xie Yunzhous Attitude Toward Shi Xi

Chu Hua instantly lost her temper.

“Since Miss Shi is so famous, she must be very expensive, right”

Xie Yunzhou thought about it and did not say anything.

To Xie Yunzhou, if he looked for Shi Xi to endorse, he would definitely be able to reap more profits than he could invest.

However, Chu Hua was not wealthy to begin with, so this investment was a huge risk.

Chu Hua said, “Ill go back and think about it.”

Shi Xi wasnt around, so Xie Yunzhou didnt even have the mood to eat.

He glanced at his phone and said, “The company has something to deal with, so Ill go back first.

Take your time and eat.

Put it on my account.”

Chu Hua wanted to stop Xie Yunzhou, but Xie Yunzhou left too quickly.

Moreover, before Xie Yunzhou left, he even packed up the food that had just been delivered.

Chu Hua: …

Thinking of Xie Yunzhous attitude toward Shi Xi, Chu Hua had a guess in her heart.

boxn ovel.


But it was quickly dispelled.

It was impossible.

Xie Yunzhou liked gentle and understanding girls.

How could he like Shi Xi

He must have interacted with Shi Xi because he wanted to help her promote Chu Tang Workshop.

It must be so!

Thinking of this, Chu Hua felt much more comfortable.


When Shi Xi returned to the car, she heard Zhu Lin grumble, “This is too much.

Theyve already let us off work, yet they still want us to go back and continue working overtime.”

Shi c flipped through the script and asked, “Did they say that theyre going to shoot that scene tonight”

Zhu Lin said, “Theyre going to shoot the 291st scene today.”

Shi Xi looked at the scene and said in surprise, “Theyre going to go into the water for this scene”

Zhu Lin said unhappily, “The director said that the weather will get colder in the future and he wants to take advantage of today to shoot the drowning scene.

The weather is obviously not good today, and the wind is still strong at night.”

“The director has his own considerations,” Shi Xi said.

“You order the ginger sugar water first and prepare the dry towels.

I dont want to catch a cold after shooting this scene.”

“Everything has been prepared.

There is also fever medicine and cold medicine here.”


When she arrived at the set, Shi Xi realized that it was because of another actors time change, so they had moved her part to tonight.

Forget it.

She didnt have anything to do tonight anyway.

She didnt want to accompany Chu Hua and Xie Yunzhou for dinner either.

Did she want to be their third wheel

When Shi Xi thought of how close the two of them were, she felt a little uncomfortable.

The big villain actually had female friends!

Chu Hua obviously liked Xie Yunzhou.

Maybe Chu Hua would become Xie Yunzhous girlfriend in the future.

Men seemed to like this kind of gentle woman.

She gave them her blessings.

Shi Xi looked at the script and attributed her unhappiness to this overtime scene.


This scene mainly said that Lin Yinluo had found out the culprit behind Fang Jingxings wheelchair.

Lin Yinluo had been following the man and was eventually drowned by the murderer.


When Lin Yinluo transmigrated to work for the florist, she gradually fell in love with the florist, Fang Jingxing.

However, because of the car accident, Fang Jingxing could only sit in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Moreover, the driver who hit him had escaped, and he had never been able to bring the person to justice.

Just as Lin Yinluo was preparing a surprise for Fang Jingxing, she found some clues about the escaped driver.

Lin Yinluo followed the clues to find the escaped driver and confessed to Fang Jingxing.

Based on these two lines, the plot had been progressing in parallel.

Until finally, the two of them were finally together.

After many misunderstandings, Fang Jingxing accepted Lin Yinluos confession.

However, before the two of them could have a few sweet episodes, Lin Yinluo happened to meet the getaway driver and followed him.

Lin Yinluo followed him to a lake.

The getaway driver found her and drowned her in the lake.

Her body was thrown into the water.

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