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421 Shi Xi Was Jealous

Apart from that, Shi Xi also sensed a faint hostility from Chu Hua toward her.

It seemed like she didnt like her

Hopefully, she could finish this meal tonight.


Shi Xi and Xie Yunzhou arrived at Qingshui Restaurant first.

The two of them ordered the dishes.

“What does Chu Hua like to eat Do you want to help her order anything Does she have any dietary restrictions” Shi Xi asked.

Xie Yunzhou said, “Just order whatever you like.

When she comes, let her order it herself.”

Hearing this, Shi Xi ordered a few of his favorite dishes and waited for the dishes to be served casually.

Not long after, Chu Hua rushed over with a few bags.

Chu Hua smiled apologetically and said to Xie Yunzhou, “Sorry, Im late.

Ive been contacting the factory all day to do the proofing and arranging the lines.

Im really too busy.”

Xie Yunzhou said indifferently, “Being busy is a good thing.”

It was better than having no one around.

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After exchanging a few pleasantries, Chu Hua looked at Shi Xi and said with a gentle smile, “Miss Shi, thank you for wearing our familys clothes.

Thats why we have such a high reputation.”

Shi Xi smiled faintly.

“No need to thank me.

Its your clothes that look good.”

Chu Hua said modestly, “No matter how good the clothes look, you still have to dress beautifully.”

Shi Xi said, “If you want to thank someone, then thank Yunzhou.

After all, he was the one who brought me to buy your clothes, and he was also the one who paid for it.”

If Xie Yunzhou had not brought her there, she would not have thought of going to such a small studio to order clothes.

“Yunzhou has helped me so much.

I will thank him properly in the future.” Chu Hua and Xie Yunzhou seemed to be very familiar with each other.

Shi Xi tapped the cup in her hand with her fingertips, her eyes calm.

Chu Hua handed the few bags she had brought over to Shi Xi and said, “Miss Shi, these are a few pieces of clothes that I designed.

They are all modified according to your size.

Ill give them to you.”

Shi Xi looked at the bags in front of her and said indifferently, “I can keep the clothes, but I cant guarantee that I will wear them.”

The smile on Chu Huas face froze for a moment.

Shi Xi explained, “The clothes I wear on the set will be vetted by my assistant or agent.

If they agree, Ill wear them.”

As she was speaking, Shi Xis phone rang.

Shi Xi picked it up.

When she heard that the production team had requested her to go back and shoot more scenes, she sighed and said to the two of them, “Im sorry, the production team has asked me to go back and shoot.

Ill be leaving first.”

Xie Yunzhou said, “Go back after dinner.”

Shi Xi said, “I cant make it in time.

I cant possibly make the production team wait for me alone, right”

Just as the dishes were served, Xie Yunzhou said, “Pack up the dishes and bring them for you to eat on the way.”

Shi Xi looked at the dishes that had just been served and then looked at Chu Hua.

She asked, “What about the two of you”

Xie Yunzhou said, “Lets order some more.”

Shi Xi wanted to be polite, but she thought that if she was polite, she would have to eat takeout when she went back, so she asked the waiter to take away her two favorite dishes.

And when Shi Xi left, she did not take away the clothes that Chu Hua had brought.

Chu Hua put down the clothes and complained, “Miss Shi seems to be a little arrogant.

She didnt accept the clothes that I gave her.”

In Chu Huas opinion, Shi Xi was arrogant and rude.

Such a person didnt deserve to stand by Xie Yunzhous side.

Xie Yunzhou didnt realize that she was driving a wedge.

His eyes couldnt help but smile, and his tone was full of indulgence.

“Thats her personality.

You can only go along with it.”

Chu Hua sensed that Xie Yunzhou had become a little different, but she didnt dare to ask for his feelings.

Xie Yunzhou added, “I have mentioned to Shi Xi that if you want her to be the spokesperson for Chu Tang Workshop.

They might ask for an endorsement fee.”

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