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419 Threesome

After Shi Xis makeup was trending on the trending searches, the trending search rankings kept going up.

One had to admit that beauty was the number one productivity factor.

And Shi Xis makeup was always online.

The trending search had reached number one, and the passersby were all sighing with emotion.

[It was a tryst in the morning, but the styling came out in the afternoon.

As expected, they started to promote the new drama.]

[That must be the case.

When Nan Wans drama started filming, Shi Xi couldnt help but want to buy the trending topic.

Its not the first time these two people didnt get along.]

[Although its a historical drama and a modern drama, it still feels like Shi Xi won.]

[Its hilarious.

What low B-grade drama is Shi Xi filming Our Nan Wan is filming a movie! How can we compare them]

[No, Shi Xis looks are better than Nan Wans.]

The two fans started arguing again in the comments section.

Shi Xis looks and makeup were overpowering, while Nan Wans fans were using movie resources to mock Shi Xi for still acting in an online drama.

boxn ovel.


While the topic was heating up, someone found out that this dress was made by Chu Tang Workshop.

As a small clothing studio, to be able to design such a dress really made many people look at it in a new light.

Some netizens liked to buy the same clothes from celebrities, so there was a high probability that they would be right.

For a time, Chu Tang Workshop became famous.

There were even people who spoke up for Chu Tang Workshop on Weibo: [My favorite small studio has finally been seen! This is a treasure shop! The clothes are all very nice! It has a great sense of design!]

[The lady boss is called Chu Hua, she is a beautiful and kind clothing designer.]

[If you like it, you can go to the shop to support her.

The other clothes are also very nice!]

The topic changed immediately.

However, Shi Xis clothes were indeed bought from Chu Tang Workshop.

Therefore, when someone asked the source of the clothes, the names of Chu Tang Workshop and Chu Hua were frequently mentioned.

Shi Xi took some time to look at Weibo and found that the people below were all Chu Tang Workshop and Chu Hua.

“Chu Hua” Shi Xi asked Zhu Lin with some doubt and said, “Arent my clothes made by that something called Song Song Why does it say that the designer is Chu Hua”

Zhu Lin scrolled through Weibo and said, “If its two people designing together, theyre both from the same studio.

If they dont care, then we dont have to care.”

They were consumers and were only responsible for paying for the clothes.

Shi Xi realized that after being trended on Weibo, Chu Tang Workshops Weibo fans had soared.

Moreover, their shop had also put up the clothes.

Even if it was only pre-sold, it had already sold 100,000 in quantity.

Seeing so many sales, Shi Xi felt that she should ask the other party for money.

Thinking of this, Shi Xi thought of it again.

These were actually the clothes that Xie Yunzhou brought her to order.

Xie Yunzhou and Chu Hua seemed to have a close relationship

Shi Xi then sent a message to Xie Yunzhou.

[You brought me to Chu Tang Workshop to buy clothes.

Do you want to help Chu Tang Workshop advertise]

Xie Yunzhou did not reply immediately.

Shi Xi still had scenes to shoot, so she did not mind.

She put down her phone and went back to continue filming.

After Shi Xi finished filming a few scenes, she saw Xie Yunzhous reply when she returned.

Xie Yunzhou: [If I ask you to endorse them, how much is the endorsement fee]

Shi Xi thought that the two of them were indeed very close.

He had even asked her to endorse them.

However, the endorsement was not something that she could decide on her own.

Shi Xi replied: [If you want to endorse them, you have to tell my manager, Han Chuan, and the company needs to report it.]

This time, Xie Yunzhou replied very quickly.

[Lets have dinner together as a thank-you gift for this promotion.]

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