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418 White Skin, Slender Waist, And Long Legs.

Can See Right Into Your Heart At a Glance

Shi Xi looked at the starting frame.

Nan Wans style was simple, and she was dressed in white.

It wasnt as bad as the internet claimed, but it wasnt as good as the fans claimed.

The style of an ordinary ancient puppet couldnt reach the level of afairy.

Just as Shi Xi finished putting on her makeup, Zhu Lin came in with a bag.

Zhu Lin said excitedly, “Xi Xi, this is the dress that Chu Tang Workshop made for you.

Do you want to try it on”

Shi Xi checked her makeup and said, “Try it again tomorrow.

I have to film later.”

“But this dress looks so good! You can wear this for the afternoon scenes!” Zhu Lin said coquettishly.

Shi Xi was currently filming [Meeting You In the Depths of Time], a modern drama.

The production team would provide clothes, but if the actors wanted to wear their own clothes, the director would not say anything.

Hence, after Shi Xi joined the production team, she would wear a set of clothes for almost every scene.

In any case, she had a lot of clothes.

“Let me see how good it looks.” Seeing that Zhu Lin strongly recommended it, Shi Xi took out the clothes.

It was a purple floral long-sleeved blouse.

It looked ordinary, but the cuffs and necklines were designed in the shape of petals.

After cutting it by hand, it looked even more elegant.

It was paired with a simple white A-line short skirt, which made people look even fairer.

boxn ovel.


Shi Xi looked at the clothes and said, “Its alright.

Its just normal”

Her clothes were all very good-looking.

It wasnt any worse than this, right

“Try it on and youll know how good it looks!” Zhu Lin said, “Xi Xis skin is fair and beautiful.

Shell definitely look even better in this dress!”

Shi Xi listened to the compliment and happily accepted the clothes, ready to change.

The clothes that she had prepared were very simple and could not compare to this set.

After changing, everyones eyes lit up.

Shi Xi was beautiful to begin with, but no matter how beautiful she was, after being in the same production crew for a long time, they had become immune to her beauty.

And today, when Shi Xi wore this, all of her strengths were revealed.

Her skin was white, her waist was thin, and her legs were long.

Everyones gaze could not help but follow Shi Xi.

Zhu Lin held a hair tie in her hand.

It was the same purple floral hair band as Shi Xis top.

“Xi Xi, let me help you braid your hair.”

Her long hair and the purple floral hair tie were twined together, forming a side twist.

Her slender neck was exposed, making her look even more charming and cute.

“So pretty!” Zhu Lin could not help but take out her phone to take a photo.

Shi Xi looked at herself in the mirror and said humbly, “Its not bad.

Its just average pretty.”

Lou Ruicong, who was beside her, said, “It would be great if your acting skills were as good as your looks.”

Shi Xi: “…”

All the good feelings of seeing pretty clothes were extinguished by these words.

“Lets go.

Its time for filming,” Shi Xi said weakly.

She did not want to talk to this man outside of the show anymore.

However, during filming, a group of actors secretly recorded a short video of Shi Xi looking extremely beautiful.

It was posted online.

[[Meeting You In the Depths of Time], Shi Xis new drama.

White skin, slender waist, long legs.

I can see right into your heart!]

In the video, the girl was wearing a purple shirt, which made her skin look even whiter.

Her shoulders and neck were straight, and her long neck was as graceful as a swan.

The braided braids on the side looked cute and elegant, and her long, slender legs were even more enviable.

With just a short video, #Shi Xis New Drama, Meeting You In the Depths of Time#, was trending.

[Wow! What a beautiful look! Sisters modern outfit is the most beautiful!]

[Ah! Ah! Ah! Im suddenly looking forward to this drama.

Every time Sister Xi has a different outfit, it seems like Im watching a little elf!]

[Funny, isnt this make-up better than the fairy next door]

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