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Ning Yu did not say anything, silently agreeing with Shi Xis words.

The Shi parents were a little ashamed.

They did not expect that they had wronged Ning Yu.

The police officers took away the maid.

They needed to understand the details before closing the case.

“This clearly has nothing to do with you.

Why are you helping me” Ning Yu looked at Shi Xi.

At the banquet, Shi Xi stepped forward to help Ning Yu out of her predicament.

Although Ning Yu did not care, Shi Xis actions surprised her.


To give her a gown and let her pick out a necklace first.

At the banquet, she would do anything to help her out…

“Its no problem.” Shi Xi waved her hand and yawned.

“If theres nothing else, Ill be leaving first.”

She still had to return to the filming set tomorrow!

Han Chuan had been looking at his watch and winking at her.

Those who did not know would think that he was blind.


“Since youre already home, just stay at home for one night.” Mother Shi urged Shi Xi to stay.

“Your room is cleaned every day.”

Shi Xi thought of the large bed in her room.

Then she looked at Han Chuan.

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Shi Xu said, “Its already very late.


Han, stay at my house for one night.

Why dont we go back tomorrow morning”

Han Chuan exhaled.

“I still have pets to take care of at home.

Ill come pick up Shi Xi tomorrow morning.”

Shi Xis eyes curved.

“Goodbye, Brother Han!”

After sending Han Chuan off, Shi Xi immediately ran to the kitchen.

Her eyes turned green.

“Meat! I want to eat meat!”

Seeing Shi Xi like this, Ning Yu completely dispelled the suspicions in her heart.

How could she have thought that Shi Xi was a white lotus flower that was brewing some kind of conspiracy

It was obvious that Shi Xi was brainless.


It was too pitiful.

Although she lived in a rich family, her IQ was not high and she had an excess of kindness.

Previously, she had thought that if their identities were not swapped, she would suffer less.

But now that she thought about it, she only suffered a little more.

If it was Shi Xi who did not have a brain, she might have lost her life.

Shi Xi was eating beef noodles with her head lowered, completely unaware that she was already a weak and stupid person in Ning Yus heart.


Ning Yu stroked Shi Xis head and said tenderly, “Eat, eat more.”


Shi Xi was still eating the noodles, and there was even greater confusion in her big eyes.

Following that, Shi Xi put down her chopsticks and said unhappily, “Dont touch my head!”

‘My hairstyle! Ive been doing it for hours!

Ning Yu raised her chin slightly and said condescendingly, “Since you call me sister, whats wrong with me touching your head”

Shi Xi widened her eyes in surprise.

‘I didnt expect you to be such a heroine!

Ning Yu retracted her hand and said calmly, “Take your time to eat.

Im going back to my room to rest.”

Shi Xi looked at Ning Yus back and felt that something was wrong.

Logically speaking, she had replaced 18 years of Ning Yus life.

Ning Yu should not like her very much, right

Why would she still touch her head

The system guessed, [Maybe because you have a lot of hair, you want to rub]


Shi Xi:…What kind of stupid reason is this!

After eating, Father Shi called Shi Xi to the study room.

Shi Xi had already showered and was so sleepy that she just wanted to sleep.

However, when she thought of the 200,000 pocket money that her mother had given her, she braced herself and went over.

She had no choice but to lower her head.

If she could only listen to a few nagging words and earn 200,000 yuan a month, she would still be quite willing to be someones daughter.

Forget about being a daughter, she could even be a grandson!

“Dad, youre looking for me” Shi Xi pushed open the door to the study and realized that Mother Shi and Shi Xu were also there.

“Mom, Big Brother, you guys arent sleeping either”

Father Shi let her in and said, “I called you over because I wanted to talk about your marriage with Sheng Yan.”


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