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415 Watch For Red Lights When Crossing the Road


In the private room, Xu Ziqing was standing by the window.

When she saw the police cars and ambulances appear, she felt uneasy.

She had seen Tao Yuxuan drinking in Charm at night, so she had asked someone to teach Tao Yuxuan a lesson.

It would be best if she lost her reputation and had no more strength to go against her.

However, the development of the matter was completely out of her control.

Why had the police car and the ambulance come

When she recalled that someone had come to check on her, Xu Ziqing became even more nervous.

She wanted to call the person she had contacted to ask about the current situation, but she was afraid that she would be dragged into it.

After thinking for a while, Xu Ziqing walked into the bathroom and took out the cell phone card she had used to contact that person.

She broke it and flushed it into the sewer.

As long as she did not admit it, the other party would not be able to do anything to her.

After everything was done, Xu Ziqing accompanied her friends as usual, singing and drinking.

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She hoped that nothing would come knocking on her door.


At the hospital.

Although Tao Yuxuan was not violated, she was mentally stimulated.

Shi Xi and Leng Qiankun thanked Cheng Yue.

If Cheng Yue had not saved her in time, Tao Yuxuan might really have been assaulted.

Cheng Yue said, “There were two people involved in the crime.

One was caught, and the other escaped.

Ive already sent someone to check the surveillance cameras in the garage.

Well catch him as soon as possible.”

“Who on earth would want to harm Tao Tao over and over again” Shi Xi could not understand.

Last time, Tao Yuxuan had almost been hit by a car.

This time, she had been held hostage in the underground garage.

“Over and over again” Cheng Yue asked from the side, “Has this happened before”

Shi Xi said, “Last time, she was almost hit by a car.”

Thinking of this, Shi Xi recalled the situation last time.

The person who hit Tao Yuxuan last time had already been caught, but the driver was one of Xu Ziqings ex-boyfriends.

Could it be that this time, it was also Xu Ziqings doing

Because Tao Yuxuan had affected her path, so Xu Ziqing had made such a decision

Shi Xi said, “I suspect that this matter has something to do with Xu Ziqing.

You can start with her.”

Although Tao Yuxuan had a bad personality, she still had quite a number of friends in the circle.

Not many people dared to provoke her.

Recently, the only person who had a grudge against her was Xu Ziqing.

Cheng Yue nodded, and her phone rang at the right time.

She picked it up and listened to a few sentences, then reported the latest progress to everyone.

“The one who was caught is just a lackey.

He said that everything was done by another person, including the fact that they did this, and that the criminal who escaped was also in contact with them.”

Now, it was time to find the criminal who escaped.


In the hospital, the assistant was paying for the hospitalization of the person who was hit by the car when he saw Xie Yunzhou in the corridor.

The assistant seemed to see his family as he went forward and said, “The patient is still being treated, but his cell phone was broken.

I cant contact his family.

I can only wait for him to wake up before informing them.”

Xie Yunzhou asked, “What did the traffic police say”

The assistant said, “The traffic police saw the video and confirmed that it was the passersby who takes full responsibility.”

Under such circumstances, the assistant and Xie Yunzhou didnt need to care anymore.

But after all, it was their car that hit the person, so the assistant felt uneasy.

Anyway, it was Xie Yunzhous money that helped pay for the medical expenses.

“I got it.

You can handle it yourself.” Xie Yunzhou nodded casually and let the assistant continue to handle it.

He then reminded, “Remember to send the car to be repaired.”

People like this who ran a red light to seek death were hurting their cars.

It was not worth it for the assistant to rush over for the person who was hit.

You have to look at the red light when crossing the road!

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