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413 Darkness

Shi Xi was displeased.

“How could I be so bad”

Lou Ruicong: “Tell me about your own good points.”

Shi Xi: “Im good-looking…”

“What else”

Shi Xi paused.

What other good points did she have

She could sing and dance, an all-rounder.

This was the basic quality of an artiste.

A good personality — her personality was really not that good.

Working hard

Recently, Shi Xi only wanted to get off work and lie flat as a salted fish.

Kind and gentle

boxn ovel.


It didnt seem to have anything to do with her.

Shi Xi was flustered.

“Eat your food!”

Lou Ruicong reminded her, “Be more gentle.”

After eating, Lou Ruicong left first.

Shi Xi waited for a while before sending Xie Yunzhou a message to send her home.

Sitting in the car, Shi Xi was still thinking about whether she had done anything bad recently.

Other than reporting her anti-fans, she hadnt done anything out of the ordinary!

“Why did you go to find my brother” Shi Xi asked.

“Its just a small matter.” Xie Yunzhou didnt elaborate.

Sitting with Xie Yunzhou, Shi Xi felt like she was sitting on pins and needles.

She took out her phone and started playing.

Her phone vibrated.

It was a call from Tao Yuxuan.

Shi Xi picked up the call.

Before she could speak, she heard Tao Yuxuan shouting, “Help! Sob, sob–”

“Where are you Tao Tao” Shi Xi could not hear the voice behind her.

The call was hung up by the other end.

Xie Yunzhou asked, “Whats wrong”

“Tao Tao seems to be in trouble.” Shi Xi called back, but no one picked up.

“Do you know where she is”

“I dont know.

She didnt say.” Shi Xi suddenly remembered that when Tao Yuxuan left in the afternoon, she had said that she wanted to play at Charm.


Xie Yunzhou instructed the driver to go to Charm.

At the same time, he contacted the manager of Charm and asked him if Tao Yuxuan was playing there.

“Miss Tao has been playing here all afternoon.

Ill go and see if shes still there.” The manager didnt dare to be negligent.

Meanwhile, Shi Xi called the Tao family and asked if Tao Yuxuan had returned home.

Thinking of the mutual friend who was close to Tao Yuxuan, Shi Xi called Leng Qiankun again to ask.

Leng Qiankun was at Charm.

After hearing that, he immediately helped to find Tao Yuxuan.


Tao Yuxuan drank some wine, but she was still sober, so she did not ask her friend to send her home.

She called for a designated driver and slowly went to the underground garage.

But just as she reached her car, a man behind her covered her mouth and dragged her to the blind spot in the garage.

Tao Yuxuan struggled in fear, but her legs were controlled by another man.

That man was still touching her leg, and his perverted eyes made people uncomfortable.

Who was going to deal with her

Tao Yuxuan reached for her phone and dialed the nearest number.


Her phone was pulled out and the man hung up the call.

His smile was obscene.

Tao Yuxuan only felt darkness before her eyes.


After Cheng Yue parked her car, she met a designated driver.

The designated driver saw Cheng Yue and asked, “Miss, did you call for a designated driver”

Cheng Yue replied, “I just arrived.

I didnt get a designated driver.”

The designated driver held his phone and asked, “May I know where this parking spot is Ive been looking for it for a long time, but I still havent found it.”

Cheng Yue pointed in a direction.

“Its over there.”

The designated driver looked conflicted.

“I came from that direction.

There seem to be a lot of rats over there.

I dont dare to go over.”

Cheng Yue: “…Ill accompany you.”

“Youre such a good person!” The designated drivers eyes were filled with gratitude.

“Its fine.”

Cheng Yues original intention was to solve the citizens problems.

Anyway, she had investigated Leng Qiankun so many times, but she did not find any useful information.


Cheng Yue is a member of the small police squad that follows Ning Yu around.

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