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412 Are You Shi Xis Boyfriend

When the food was served, Shi Xi stared at the lobster and the tempting crab legs in front of her, her eyes wide open.

She really wanted to eat it!

Shi Xi had no choice but to order another roasted pork trotter to make her eat something more greasy so that she wouldnt think about eating lobster and crab.


Xie Yunzhou and his partner came to Qingshui Restaurant to eat.

When the receptionist saw Xie Yunzhou, she whispered, “Mr.

Xie, Miss Shi is having a meal with a man in Private Room 8.”

Xie Yunzhou asked, “With who”

The receptionist shook her head.

“I dont know him.

Its not Mr.


Hes a very handsome man.”

Lou Ruicong was very handsome, but he was very muddled.

Xie Yunzhou had his assistant bring his partner to the private room to order dishes first.

He knocked on the door of Private Room 8.

“Come in.”

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When Xie Yunzhou entered the room, he saw the lobster on the table.

And spicy crab.

And roasted pig trotters.

Shi Xi took a disposable glove and was eating roasted pig trotters.

When she saw Xie Yunzhou enter, she was a little surprised.

“Have you eaten Sit down and join us”

Xie Yunzhous gaze swept over Lou Ruicong and instantly became alert.

He knew that Shi Xi liked good-looking people.

And this man was very handsome.

“I came to have dinner with a friend.

I found out youre here, so I came to say hello.” Xie Yunzhou sat beside Shi Xi and asked, “Youre allergic to seafood.

Why did you order lobster and crab”

“Hes not allergic.” Shi Xi introduced, “Hes the male lead who acts with me, Lou Ruicong.

Hes also at Kuaixue Entertainment.

Lou Ruicong, this is my friend, Xie Yunzhou.”

Lou Ruicong was eating crab legs.

When he saw Xie Yunzhou, he said bluntly, “Are you Shi Xis boyfriend Dont be jealous.

Shi Xi and I are just friends.”

When he finished his sentence, Shi Xi said helplessly, “Hes not my boyfriend.”

Lou Ruicong saw Xie Yunzhous gaze and looked at Shi Xi.

“Dont worry.

I wont say anything.”

“Were really just friends.

He and my brother have a working relationship.” Shi Xi looked at Xie Yunzhou.

“Say something!”

Xie Yunzhou said plainly, “Were friends now.”

The future was not certain.

When Shi Xi heard that, her heart was in turmoil.

They were friends now.

They might be enemies in the future

D*mn it, Xie Yunzhou was still in the dark, thinking of killing her one day, right

The little deer in Shi Xis heart almost died.

Lou Ruicong said to Xie Yunzhou, “Dont worry, Mr.


Im not interested in Shi Xi.

I like gentle girls.”

Shi Xi:

Wasnt she gentle

Xie Yunzhou looked at the lobster and crab on the table and probably knew that this person had no intention of pursuing Shi Xi.

“Call me after dinner.

Ill send you back,” Xie Yunzhou said to Shi Xi.

Shi Xi refused, “No need.

Xiao Tian will send me home.”

She had a chauffeur!

“I have something to do, so Ill send you home.” Xie Yunzhou raised his hand and ruffled the girls hair.

“Remember not to eat seafood.”

After Xie Yunzhou left, Shi Xi looked at the roasted pork trotters in her hand and felt that they did not smell good.

Did something happen in between

Why did she feel that Xie Yunzhous attitude toward her was different

“If you want to eat with your boyfriend, I dont mind eating alone,” Lou Ruicong said bluntly.

“As long as you dont forget to pay the bill.”

“Hes not my boyfriend,” Shi Xi affirmed once again and whispered, “Hes the man who wants my life.”

Lou Ruicong: “I can tell that he likes you.”

Shi Xi feebly gnawed on the roasted pig trotters.

“How is that possible”

Lou Ruicong looked at Shi Xi.

“Its indeed unlikely.

Other than your good looks, you dont have any other traits that people like.”


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