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411 Garlic Lobster and Spicy Crab, Thank You

After Shi Xi arrived at the set, she only shot one scene before it started to rain.

Seeing that the rain didnt stop, the director had no choice but to call it a day and inform everyone to start work early the next day.

They would make up for the parts that they hadnt finished shooting today.

Shi Xi stretched and prepared to go back to rest.

“Shi Xi, let me treat you to a meal.” Lou Ruicong looked at his schedule and came over to look for Shi Xi.

Shi Xi asked curiously, “Hm Why did you suddenly treat me to a meal”

“Recently, there are quite a few paparazzi filming me.

I want to have a meal with you to give them some results.” Lou Ruicong said, “And also to stir up some gossip.

It will be beneficial to the broadcast of this drama.”

This was the first time Shi Xi had been treated to a meal for such a strange reason.

When she heard that, she actually felt like going.

“Is there any other reason” Shi Xi asked.

Lou Ruicong said honestly, “I want to get to know more artistes and friends.”

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Shi Xi felt that this reason was not good.

“There are other artistes in the production team.”

Lou Ruicong said in disdain, “Theyre all too muddle-headed.”

Shi Xi: “…”

No wonder Lou Ruicong could not make any friends.

Lou Ruicong said again, “Brother Han said that he wanted me to build a good relationship with you.

Youre the big miss of the company.

Youre beautiful and famous.

Ill have meat to eat if I follow you.”

Han Chuan was an excellent manager.

It was a pity that he brought along such a fool.

“Lets go.

Lets have dinner together.” Seeing that Lou Ruicong was praising her, Shi Xi accepted the invitation to dinner.

Lou Ruicong followed behind Shi Xi and said, “Although your acting skills are average and your work attitude is a little perfunctory, your character is not bad.”

Shi Xi defended herself, “My acting skills… Forget it.

Lets go have dinner.”

Her acting skills were considered outstanding among the artists of her time.

Although she could not be compared to veteran actors, she had never lost to any of her peers.

Shi Xi couldnt be bothered to argue with Lou Ruicong, so she brought him straight to dinner.

When she saw Lou Ruicong and Shi Xi get into the car together, Zhu Lin was a little surprised.

“Where are we going to eat” Shi Xi asked casually.

Lou Ruicong: “Anything is fine.

You decide.”

Wasnt he the one treating her to dinner

Shi XI: “Then lets eat Western food.”

Lou Ruicong: “But I want to eat Chinese food.”

Shi Xi said, “Hot pot”

Lou Ruicong said, “I dont like the smell on my body.

I just bought this shirt.”

Shi Xi said, “…Lets go to Qingshui Restaurant.

Its Chinese food there.

Theres no smoke.”

Lou Ruicong said, “But its too expensive there.

I cant afford it.”

“Ill pay.” Shi Xi still had the card to Qingshui Restaurant.

“Eh, this seat can be put down.” Lou Ruicong put down the back of his chair and lay down in satisfaction.

“Ill sleep for a while.

Call me when we get there.”

Seeing how rude Lou Ruicong was, Shi Xi wanted to ask Han Chuan where he got such a weirdo.

She couldnt get angry.

If she got angry, there wouldnt be anyone to replace her.

Seeing that Shi Xi was going to bring Lou Ruicong to eat, Zhu Lin hurriedly sent a message to Han Chuan.

Han Chuan: [Its okay, just dont cause any trouble.]

Zhu Lin prayed that the two of them wouldnt cause any trouble.

It would be best if they went back to their respective homes after eating and went to their respective mothers.

When they arrived at Qingshui Restaurant, Shi Xi flipped through the menu and ordered two dishes for Lou Ruicong to order.

Lou Ruicong said, “Garlic lobster and spicy crab, thank you.”

Shi Xi said, “Im allergic to seafood.”

Lou Ruicong was stunned for a moment before asking, “Can you smell it”

Shi Xi paused.


But her friends knew that she was allergic to seafood and would not usually order seafood.

Especially since there were only two of them.

Lou Ruicong smiled considerately and said, “Dont worry, I can finish it.

My appetite is huge.”

Shi Xi: Who cares if your appetite is huge!!

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