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409 Love In Ones Arms

After sending Xu Ziqing off, the dining table fell into a strange silence.

Shi Jingtian frowned.

“Youre so noisy all day.

If you dont give me time to be quiet, go back after eating.”

Shi Xi thought to herself that she didnt say much at all!

However, Shi Jingtian had already told them to leave, so they had no choice but to get up and bid farewell.

“Young Master, please wait.” The butler walked forward and said, “The dessert has just been prepared.

You can leave after eating.”

Shi Xu: “I dont like desserts.”

Shi Xi smelled the sweet scent and tugged at Shi Xus sleeve.

“Eat two before we leave.”

Tao Yuxuan: “Or you can take them with you.”

Shi Jingtian got up and slowly walked back to the sofa.

He said unhappily, “Leave as soon as you finish the dessert.”

Shi Xi and Tao Yuxuan both liked desserts, so they sat down obediently and waited for dessert after dinner.

“Grandpa, lets go to the study to discuss the companys current personnel issues, shall we” Shi Xu wanted to use this time to fight for Xu Ziqings position to be revoked.

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“Im already retired.

I dont care about the companys matters.

If theres anything, look for your father.” Shi Jingtian sat on the sofa and looked at the antique vase in front of him.

He then said in disdain, “No matter how many bottles you send, theyre not my Yunlou vase! Theyre not pretty at all!”

He was kind to other peoples granddaughters and was picky about his own granddaughters.

The corner of Shi Xis mouth twitched slightly.

“Grandpa, Ill definitely find a Yunlou vase thats exactly the same as yours.”

Shi Jingtian said, “Thats not my vase either.”

She was speechless.

Shi Xi ate the baked biscuits and felt even more wronged.

It wasnt her who broke it!

If it wasnt for the biscuits, this daddy would have left long ago!

She was so angry.

That vase was so expensive!

After finishing the desserts and drinking the milk tea, everyone bade farewell one by one and left the Shi familys old residence.

Tao Yuxuan exhaled.

“Im finally out.

I didnt even dare to take a deep breath in there.”

“Grandpa is too strange.

Hes so nice to Xu Ziqing and so harsh to us.” Shi Xi sighed.

“Is it because Im not his biological granddaughter, or because I broke his vase”

Although Shi Jingtian valued sons over daughters, his attitude toward Shi Xi was also average.

Instead, he treated Xu Ziqing gently.

“It might be both of them.

Look for that vase again.” Tao Yuxuan stretched lazily.

“The engagement is off.

Looks like theres nothing else.

Xi Xi, Im going to Charm for a while.

Do you want to join me”

“Xi Xi isnt going.” Shi Xu pressed on Shi Xis shoulder with a warning look in his eyes.

“Leng Qiankun is there too.

Cough, cough.” Tao Yuxuan suddenly remembered that Shi Xis brother was still by her side.

She chuckled.

“Then Ill leave first.

Bye bye”

“Wait.” Shi Xi stopped Tao Yuxuan.

“Youre still a pregnant woman.

Are you sure you want to go to Charm”

“Its not like Im really pregnant.

Now that the engagement has been canceled, its fine.” Tao Yuxuan waved her hand and drove away.

Shi Xi looked at the free Tao Yuxuan and yearned to be like her.

She also wanted to go out and play.

“You dont want to.” Shi Xu interrupted her thoughts and said, “Dont you still have to go to the production team in the afternoon”

“I dont want to go.” Shi Xi, who was dedicated and responsible, only wanted to get off work.

“Then go back to school.

After graduation, you can enter the Shi Corporation directly.”

“Ill go to the production team right away.”


At the Shi familys old residence.

After the juniors left, Shi Jingtian picked up the vase that Shi Xi had given him and hugged it in his arms with fondness.

“Awoo, this is a gift from Xi Xi.

She didnt buy it to brush me off! Where should I put it”

The corner of the butlers mouth twitched slightly.

“Put it in the living room.

You can see it every day.”

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