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408 Face-Smacking Xu Ziqing

Xu Ziqing was used to being green tea, and very few people would talk back to her like this.

The smile on her face froze.

“I just feel that Xi Xi isnt Grandpa Shis biological granddaughter, so its not very good to be here…”

“Grandpa didnt say anything, so why do you need to say anything” Shi Xi raised her eyes slightly, and her eyes were extremely cold.

“This is the Shi familys old residence, the place where I grew up.

Whether I return or not, what I do here is my freedom.”

Xu Ziqing smiled.

“But youre not a member of the Shi family.

Your parents are both from the countryside, and your home is in the countryside.”

Shi Xi suddenly laughed.

“I treat you as a guest, so Ive been tolerating your rudeness just now.”

“Miss Xu, Ill say it again: the Ning family in Longquan Village is my home, and the Shi familys old residence is also my home.

Whether its my biological parents or the parents who raised me, they are all my family.”

“If I wanted to ask you to leave, you will only leave with your tail between your legs.”

Xu Ziqing looked at Shi Jingtian.

“Grandpa, Im just speaking the truth–”

“Butler, ask Miss Xu to leave,” Shi Xi interrupted Xu Ziqing.

The butler stood at the side and looked at Shi Jingtian awkwardly.

He still listened to Shi Jingtian.

When Xu Ziqing saw that Shi Xi finally couldnt help but fly into a rage, she was elated.

boxn ovel.


Thats right, a fake daughter just couldnt make it to the stage.

As long as she provoked her, she would reveal her true colors.

Shi Xi was clearly just like her, a country bumpkin.

On what basis could Shi Xi easily have everything she wanted On what basis did she, Xu Ziqing, put in so much effort, but couldnt even compare to a strand of Shi Xis hair

Xu Ziqing was jealous of Shi Xi.

She was insanely jealous of Shi Xi.

Seeing that Shi Xi was angry, Xu Ziqing was secretly pleased.

Shi Xis identity as a country bumpkin had been exposed in public.

Wasnt that embarrassing Did she really want to dig a hole and hide in it

Heh, if it werent for the fact that her life had been changed, she would never have come into contact with such an outstanding family like the Shi family!

Xu Ziqing looked at Shi Xis unhappy expression and felt that victory was right in front of her eyes.

“Grandpa Shi, are you going to chase me out as well” Xu Ziqing continued to pretend to be weak.

“I know that Xi Xi cant accept the difference in status, thats why shes angry.

But I really didnt intentionally make her angry.”

Shi Xu said coldly, “Butler, Xi Xi is still the master of the Shi family now.

Didnt you hear her orders”

The butler looked at Shi Jingtian, hoping that he would make the decision.

After all, Shi Jingtian seemed to like this Miss Xu very much.

Shi Jingtian was unperturbed as he said, “Butler, send Qing Qing back.”

The butler heaved a sigh of relief.

When Xu Ziqing heard Shi Jingtians words, she was like a bolt from the blue.


He actually wanted her to leave!

And not that country bumpkin Shi Xi!

On what basis!

Clearly, Shi Xi was more unreasonable, and Shi Xi did not know how to get along with old people.

Shi Xi was even more unfilial and had even broken Shi Jingtians vase.

Most importantly — Shi Xi was not Shi Jingtians biological granddaughter!

Why did she, Xu Ziqing, have to leave

Xu Ziqing clutched the bag in her hand tightly, and the veins on the back of her hand were obvious.

The butler walked up to Xu Ziqing and said politely, “Miss Xu, let me send you out.”

Xu Ziqing had yet to recover from this bolt of lightning and remained silent.

Tao Yuxuan added, “Why are you still staying at someone elses house Have you not eaten your fill Butler, pack these leftovers for her.”

Everyone: “…”

It had to be said that when Tao Yuxuan stepped on people, she only looked at her own mood and did not think about the future at all.

Tao Yuxuan: “Why are you looking at me Go get the box!”

Seeing that no one was stopping her, the nanny got up and went to get the box.

“No need.” Xu Ziqing took a deep breath and walked out without even saying goodbye politely.

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