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407 Best Joke of the Year

Tao · Green Tea Buster · Yuxuan: “Dont just talk about it.

Hurry up and take your things and leave.

Whos stopping you from leaving”

Xu Ziqing:

Logically speaking, someone should have come to mediate the fight and comfort her.

However, Shi Xu did not say a word.

He did not care that Tao Yuxuan was chasing her away.

Shi Xi was even more so.

It was already good that she did not add fuel to the fire.

“Qing Qing is a guest.

Who would chase a guest out” Shi Jingtian asked.

Tao Yuxuan immediately fell silent.

She punched out heavily in front of green tea and was submissive in front of Grandpa Shi.

Xu Ziqing began to act.

“Grandpa, since everyone doesnt like me, I should leave.”

Shi Jingtians dignified gaze swept over her.

“Who would dare not like you”

Shi Xi really wanted to raise her hand, but she held it back.

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“Stay here for lunch.

Youre not allowed to leave!” Shi Jingtian continued, “Shi Xu, Qing Qing has resigned from her job at Sea City.

Arrange for her to enter the Shi Corporation and become a finance director.”

When he said this, everyone was shocked.

“Grandpa, the current finance director has always been conscientious.

There isnt the slightest mistake in their work.

Its not too good to send Miss Xu in, is it” Shi Xu did not agree with this suggestion.

Xu Ziqing was pleasantly surprised in her heart, but she pretended to be calm on the surface.

“Grandpa Shi, if I were to suddenly become a finance director, people will definitely talk about me.

Just let me start as a junior staff member.”

Shi Jingtian frowned.

“Youre in the management level in Sea City.

I cant let you down by coming here.”

Xu Ziqing said, “Its okay.

I can start as a junior assistant.

The Shi Corporation is a big company.

My previous experience is not even worth mentioning.”

“Then Ill appoint you as the vice director of finance.

Youre not allowed to refuse!” Shi Jingtian made the final decision and said to Shi Xu, “You better handle this matter well.

You cant let others bully Qing Qing.”

Shi Xu remembered that the position of vice director had just been vacated, so he could only say, “Okay.”

Tao Yuxuan could not stand it and whispered, “Finance is such an important place.

How can we let her in so easily”

Xu Ziqing heard this but pretended not to hear it.

During lunch, Xu Ziqing saw that the seat next to Shi Jingtian was empty, so she sat down and greeted him with sweet words.

Shi Xi saw that the two of them were chatting happily and even Shi Xu could not get in, so she ate seriously.

However, Xu Ziqing did not want Shi Xi to get what she wanted.

“Grandpa Shi, I have never seen your biological granddaughter.

When will she come back” Xu Ziqing asked deliberately.

Shi Xi was a topic of fake daughters, and it was rarely mentioned in the Shi family.

Ning Yu was not attached to the family.

After going to school, she was almost out of contact, and her relationship with the Shi family was even colder.

However, Xu Ziqing brought it up.

“You mean Ning Yu, right Shes still in school.” Thinking of this, Shi Jingtian looked at Shi Xu and said, “Next time Ning Yu comes back, bring her to see me.”

Shi Xu: “Okay, Grandpa.”

Xu Ziqing smiled and said, “I also want to get to know Grandpa Shis biological granddaughter.

She will definitely be as easy to get along with as you are.”

When she said this, Shi Xi could not help but laugh.

Ning Yu was easy to get along with

Hahahaha, the best joke of the year.

“What do you mean Are you saying that our Xi Xi is not easy to get along with” Tao Yuxuan had never been a person who endured patiently.

“I just feel that its a little strange that Xi Xi isnt a member of the Shi family and yet shes here.” Xu Ziqing spoke as if she was a member of the Shi family.

Tao Yuxuan said disdainfully, “Youre not a member of the Shi family either.

Arent you also here Why cant you even shut your mouth when youre eating Must I say that you dont have any manners before you can calm down”

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