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“Then who did it It cant really be Shi Xi, right”

“Who cares who did it.”

When Shi Xi stood up and took all the blame, Mother Shi would naturally not continue to struggle.

The banquet continued as usual.


System: [Congratulations Host, Female Supporting Storyline Mission completed!]

Shi Xi asked,Then whats the reward

The system was surprised: [Isnt being alive the biggest reward]


Shi Xi was speechless.

Because what the system said actually made sense.

When the guests were almost gone, the Shi Family all stayed in the living room.

It was obvious that they were going to hold a three-session trial against Ning Yu and Shi Xi.

Shi Xi sat on the sofa, ready to be judged by the others.

Ning Yu wasnt someone who would shut up and suffer a loss.

She released the surveillance footage from the second-floor corridor.

She hugged her shoulders and said, “During the time I was not at home, only this maid entered my room.

Since I did not cut the dress, it could only be her.”

Shi Xu looked at the maid and said coldly, “Be honest.

Did you do it”

The maid insisted that she did not do it and said, “Miss Ning, I have never offended you.

Why did you frame me like this I have never touched that dress before!”

Father Shi frowned.

“Alright, this matter ends here.

Stop talking about it!”

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Shi Xus gaze swept over the few of them.

At this moment, the sound of a police siren came from outside the door.

A servant came in to report, “Sir, Madam, theres a police officer outside.

He said that he received a police report.”

Father Shi was slightly surprised.

“What police report I didnt call the police!”

Ning Yu sat on the single sofa and stood up.

“I called the police.”

Everyones gaze fell on Ning Yu.

Ning Yu chuckled, as if the ice and snow had melted and everything had come back to life.

“My clothes were cut by someone.

Naturally, I have to call the police.”

If there was a problem, of course, they had to look for the police officer!

When the maid heard that Ning Yu had called the police, her hands could not help but tremble.

Shi Xu was paying attention to the maids reaction.

When he saw that she was trembling, his heart sank.

He said to the servant, “Invite the police officer in.”

The maids body trembled.

Shi Xi yawned and continued to watch the show.

When the police officers came in and heard the whole story, they felt a little disdainful.

Wasnt it just a piece of clothing

How boring.

Ning Yu added from the side, “That gown cost more than 400,000 yuan.”

The police officers were no longer sleepy.

Ning Yu reminded, “Please help check the fingerprints on the box of the gown.

The gown that was sent yesterday should only have my fingerprints on it.”

The maid said from the side, “I, I also encountered it when I went in to clean.”

Ning Yu smiled slightly.

“Didnt you say just now that you didnt touch my gown”

The maids face turned pale, and she wanted to continue to quibble.

After a series of checks, the police officer said, “After the fingerprint comparison, we found the maids fingerprints on the box.

The scissors used to commit the crime were also found in the maids room, and there were also fragments of the same material as the gown on it.”

The professional staff defeated the stupid maid in one second.

The maid thought of something and hurriedly pointed at Shi Xi.

“Its Miss Shi! Miss Shi told me to do this!”


Shi Xi, who was eating melons, was sitting on the sofa.

The pot came from the sky.

Ning Yu said indifferently, “Now youve only committed the crime of damaging other peoples property.

At most, youll be fined some money.

If you fabricate facts to slander others, youll go to jail.

Not to mention, the one you want to slander is the little princess of the Shi Family.”

The maid sat on the ground paralyzed.

Mother Shi said angrily, “How could you do such a thing”

The maid looked at Ning Yu with jealousy.

“Usually, everyone drinks milk and coffee.

After Ning Yu comes, I have to grind soybean milk for her alone.”

Mother Shi was puzzled.

“Just because of this”

“Because she saw others suddenly rise to fame and was jealous.

Thats why she did such a thing.” Shi Xi had guessed the maids thoughts.

She asked Ning Yu, “Usually, she doesnt treat you well, right”


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