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406 Antiques, Every Single One of Them Was Destroyed

Hearing this, Shi Xi lit a candle for her brothers whom she had not seen yet.

How tragic.

After Shi Jingtian had calmed Xu Ziqing down, he looked at Shi Xu.

“Since you guys already have a child, lets settle it earlier.”

Shi Xu braced himself and asked, “Settle what”

“Get married! Well have a wedding right now before it shows!” Shi Jingtian said in frustration.

The thing that Shi Xu was most worried about had arrived.

He did not want to get married so soon.

Tao Yuxuan was also stunned.

She still wanted to play for another two years, and she did not want to get married so early!

“Grandpa Shi, theres no rush in this matter.

We can discuss it later.” Tao Yuxuan hoped to drag this matter over.

Shi Jingtian said, “Youre not in a hurry.

The child in your stomach is in a hurry.”

“Tao Tao was shocked a while ago.

The doctor told her not to tire herself out,” Shi Xu said.

Shi Jingtian glared at Shi Xu.

“You b*stard.

Dont you want to take responsibility”

Shi Xu only wanted to say that he was wronged.

He didnt do anything!

“Ill discuss it with Tao Tao as soon as possible,” Shi Xu could only say.

Only then was Shi Jingtian satisfied.

After lecturing Shi Xu, Shi Jingtian looked at Shi Xi again.

Shi Xi unconsciously sat up straight and brought the gift forward.

She said, “Hello, Grandpa.

This is a vase that I asked a friend to get.

See if you like it.”

Shi Jingtian snorted.

“Youre still young, but you still hold a grudge.”

Shi Xi thought to herself, who holds a grudge!

She didnt even mention this!

“This vase is painted with flowers blooming and wealth.” Shi Xi took out the vase and placed it on the table.

She said, “Im still asking a friend to look for a vase from Yunlou.

If it appears on the market, Ill definitely buy it for you.”

Shi Jingtian looked at the vase and said, “Theres no need.

No matter how hard you look, you wont be able to find the exact same one.”

Antiques were not something that could be broken into pieces.

“Grandpa Shi, Xi Xi isnt your biological granddaughter.

Shes already put in a lot of effort to find a vase for you.” Xu Ziqing smiled from the side.

She asked, “This vase looks expensive.

Big Brother Shi, did you help Xi Xi buy it”

The hidden meaning in her words was that thisoutsider Shi Xi was spending the Shi familys money.

Shi Xi smiled politely.

“The previous production team paid for it, and theres also some entertainment fees.”

She did not spend the Shi familys money all the time even though she had received the allowance from the Shi parents.

Xu Ziqing continued to pick on her.

“The production team was only willing to use you for the sake of the Shi family, right Otherwise, how could a newcomer like you play the female lead in the entertainment industry”

Shi Xi had nothing to retort.

Speaking of which, the female lead that she was currently acting in was indeed invested by the Shi family.

Moreover, it was specially tailored for her.

“Whats wrong with Xi Xi relying on her family She relied on her family to earn money for the company and even bought gifts for Grandpa Shi.

How is she like you You took the shares of your ex-boyfriends car, house, and even kicked him out,” Tao Yuxuan said suddenly.


Xu Ziqings face turned red as she defended herself, “Miss Tao, Ive never forced anyone to give me anything.

Its him who has been chasing after me to give me something.

I said that I wanted to return it to him, but he refused.

What do you want me to do”

Tao Yuxuan disliked green tea the most and said disdainfully, “If you throw it away, how can he beg you to accept it Do you want me to erect a plaque for you”

A green tea like Xu Ziqing was eloquent, but she was not good at arguing with unreasonable people.

But she had other ways.

Xu Ziqing choked with sobs and said, “I know that you dont like me because Big Brother Shi and I were almost engaged.

Ill leave now.”


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