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405 Tell Me Which One You Like

Under Tao Yuxuans persistent harassment, Shi Xi agreed to accompany her back to the Shi family residence.

Anyway, nothing worse could happen.

Shi Xi exhaled and lamented the impermanence of life.

She just wanted to make some money to support her old age.

How could there be so many stupid things in life

She avoided the female lead and the plot.

But she couldnt avoid the green tea trick.


Shi Familys Old Residence.

Ever since the original owner broke Grandpa Shis vase, the original owner rarely came to the old residence.

When Shi Jingtian was young, he killed enemies on the battlefield and made countless contributions.

Later, when his body was not in good health, he retired from the army and started a business.

With his connections and courage, his business went smoothly and he accumulated a lot of wealth in Feng City.

The Shi familys rules were strict.

Almost all the men of the younger generation would be thrown into the army to train for a few years, so there had never been any prodigal son.

Shi Hong had made the Shi Corporation bigger and bigger.

When Shi Xu took over, the Shi Corporation was even more stable.

When they reached the entrance of the Shi familys old residence, Tao Yuxuan began to back out.

“Can I not go in”

Shi Xu: “Sure.”

Tao Yuxuan turned around and left.

“You really listen to my brothers words” Shi Xi pulled Tao Yuxuan back and said, “Grandpa wants to see you, so he must see you.

If you can hide this time, you wont be able to hide next time.

Lets go, Ill accompany you.”

The butler brought a few people in and whispered to Shi Xu, “Eldest Young Master, Miss Xu is also inside.”

Tao Yuxuan immediately perked up when she heard that.

She strode forward and said angrily, “That green tea still has the nerve to come”

Shi Xi: …No wonder Tao Yuxuan was no match for green tea.

Calm down!!

When they entered the living room, the wordspeace is precious were hung up in front of them.

The words were calm and imposing.

Just looking at them made one feel calm.

However, Xu Ziqing, who was sitting in the living room, was pouring tea for Shi Jingtian.

No matter how Shi Jingtian looked at the scene, he could not feel at ease.

“Grandpa,” Shi Xu looked calm and composed.

“Why did you call us here in such a hurry”

“Why are you still asking me!” Shi Jingtian was furious.

“If it wasnt for Qing Qing telling me what you did, I would still be in the dark! Kneel down!”

Before Shi Xu could say anything, Tao Yuxuan had already knelt down.

Her movements were so swift and skilled that it made ones heart ache.

The living room fell into silence.

Shi Jingtian wanted to ignore Tao Yuxuan, but when he saw her kneeling down, he said coldly, “Sit down if youre pregnant.

Arent you afraid of the cold if you kneel down If word gets out, people will think that I, an old man, am bullying you!”

Tao Yuxuan quickly replied, “No, no.

Grandpa Shi is teaching us a lesson for the sake of us juniors.”

Everyone: “…”

Shi Xi supported Tao Yuxuan and realized that Tao Yuxuan was almost pressing down on her.

It turned out that her legs had gone soft.

Xu Ziqing comforted him from the side, “Grandpa, dont be angry.

Big Brother Shi didnt want to make you angry, so he hid it from you.”

Shi Xi asked lightly, “Miss Xu, didnt you say it on purpose to make Grandpa angry”

Xu Ziqing was stunned by the question.

She bit her lips and cried, “I did it for Brother Shi and Miss Taos good.

Grandpa Shi, I dont want to break them up.

Please cancel our engagement.”

“What are you crying for Its not like you did something wrong.” Shi Jingtian comforted her, “Its this useless kid who did something bad.

Hes not worthy of you! Your engagement is canceled.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Shi Jingtian said again, “I still have a few grandchildren who have yet to have a family.

Ill introduce them to you when the time comes.

Tell me which one you like.”

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