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403 Miscarriage

With the help of Tao Yuxuan, Shi Xi had a few days of peace and quiet.

But less than a week later, Shi Xi received the news:

Tao Yuxuan was in a car accident.


“The patient dodged in time and did not hurt her lungs.

There are some abrasions on her legs and arms.

She has a mild concussion.

She will be hospitalized for observation for two days,” the doctor said casually.

“How is her child Does she still have it” Xu Ziqing quickly asked.

“Child” The Doctor was puzzled.

“Shes not–”

After sensing Shi Xus warning gaze, the doctor immediately changed his words and said, “There are no signs of miscarriage now.

I will arrange for her to have another ultrasound check.”

Xu Ziqing comforted Shi Xu.

“Miss Tao is very lucky.

She will definitely be fine.”

Shi Xu, who had always been gentle, pursed his thin lips tightly.

His eyes were cold as he said, “Xu Ziqing, I will investigate this matter thoroughly.”

Tao Yuhuan had only pretended to be pregnant for a few days before she was hit by a car.

He could not help but suspect Xu Ziqing.

“Of course, we have to investigate thoroughly.

We cannot let the driver escape.” Xu Ziqing forced a smile.

“I will go buy some food for Miss Tao.”

Shi Xu watched Xu Ziqings back as she left, and his heart sank.

He had investigated Xu Ziqing before.

She had worked hard and had a few boyfriends.

However, after her achievements surpassed that of her current boyfriend, Xu Ziqing dumped him.

The most obvious one was the previous Wu Ni.

After the two of them dated, Wu Ni bought Xu Ziqing a car and house in Hai Cheng.

He also gave more than half of the companys shares to Xu Ziqing.

However, after Xu Ziqing found out about the engagement with Shi Xu, she dumped Wu Ni without any hesitation.

He told Grandpa Shi about these things, but Grandpa Shi felt that it must be because Xu Ziqing was very good that the man pursued her.

How was she good

Shi Xu took a deep breath and went to find a doctor to make a statement.


Shi Xi pushed open the ward and came in.

She saw Tao Yuxuan sitting on the hospital bed, playing games.

“How is it” Shi Xi saw that Tao Yuxuan still had the energy to play games and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Its fine now, but the doctor wont let me leave the hospital,” Tao Yuxuan said with disdain.

“The internet speed in the hospital is terrible!”

Shi Xi sat on the stool next to her and began peeling oranges.

She asked, “Why were you so careless Didnt you look at the car when you were crossing the road”

Tao Yuxuan said speechlessly, “I was walking on the sidewalk when the car suddenly rushed toward me!”

“I think it hit me on purpose! But that car didnt have a license plate number.

It hit me and ran away.”

“It must be one of my fathers mistresses who wants to harm my life so that they can marry into the family and inherit the inheritance!”

Shi Xi: “…”

Tao Yuxuan was an only child.

Her mother had some mental problems and had been in the hospital.

Father Tao was out partying and no one could control him.

Although Tao Yuxuans father and mother did not divorce, Tao Yuxuans father had always claimed to be single when he was out partying.

Thosegirlfriends thought that they could marry into the family, so they did all sorts of evil things.

Knowing that Tao Yuxuan was around, some people wanted to win her over, while others wanted to kick this stumbling block away.

Shi Xi asked, “Wheres my brother Hes not here”

“He said he had something to take care of, so he left a long time ago.” Tao Yuxuan said regretfully, “We originally had an appointment with that green tea to cancel the engagement today, but I didnt expect this stupid thing to happen.”

“You have an appointment with Xu Ziqing” Shi Xi frowned slightly, sensing that things were not that simple.

“It was that green tea who invited Shi Xu and me.

She said that she wanted to discuss what we should say so that Grandpa Shi wont be sad.” Tao Yuxuan looked at the oranges that Shi Xi had peeled, waiting for Shi Xi to feed them to her.

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