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399 Dont You Mind

Shi Xi said, “Sure.”

Chu Hua introduced, “Miss Shi, the clothes of the Chu Tang Workshop are all individually designed and handmade.

The design drawings will be produced within a week, and the construction period for making the clothes will be three weeks.”

The construction period was really long.

Shi Xi said, “Then order two more sets.”

She was already here.

The shop that Xie Yunzhou recommended shouldnt be bad.

At this moment, a girl wearing black-rimmed glasses came in with a pile of cloth in her hands.

“Song Song, Miss Shi likes the clothes you designed.

Go and measure them for her,” Chu Hua instructed.

The girl called Song Song hugged the cloth and said, “Okay, please wait a moment.

Ill put the cloth in the warehouse first.”

When Song Song went to the warehouse, Xie Yunzhou looked at Shi Xi and suggested, “The clothes made by Chu Hua are very good.”

“Miss Shi likes Song Songs design, so let Song Song do it.” Chu Hua smiled and said, “Yunzhou, I had nothing to do recently, so I made a set of clothes for you.

Can I give it to you to try”

Before Xie Yunzhou could say “No”, Chu Hua had already gone to get the clothes.

When Shi Xi heard this, a gossipy look flashed in her eyes as she asked softly, “Are you very familiar with Boss Chu”

Xie Yunzhou explained, “The elders are familiar.”

“Childhood sweethearts” Shi Xi guessed.

Xie Yunzhou said, “No, I grew up in Yanjing.

Shes always been in Feng City.”

Shi Xi wanted to continue gossiping, but the intern Song Song had already sent the cloth to the warehouse and came back to look for Shi Xi.

“Hello, Miss Shi.

May I know what kind of clothes you would like to wear What color” Song Song took a notebook and recorded as she listened to Shi Xis description.

Shi Xi casually mentioned the clothes she wanted and said, “You can do the rest yourself.”

Song Song put away the notebook.

“Alright, Miss Shi.

Ill measure you.”

When Shi Xi was taking her measurements, she saw Chu Hua pestering Xie Yunzhou about something.

Even someone with a low EQ like her could tell that Chu Hua definitely liked Xie Yunzhou.

Otherwise, she wouldnt have been so eager to give him clothes.

“Lets give it a try.

Were not in a hurry anyway.” Shi Xi looked at Xie Yunzhou and tried to persuade him.

The assistant looked at his phone and said, “President Xie, you have a meeting to go back to this afternoon.”

Xie Yunzhou said, “I wont try on the clothes.

Ill go back for a meeting first.”

Chu Hua finished putting the clothes on and handed it over.

“Then you can bring it back to try it on.

If theres anything that doesnt fit, Ill change it for you.”

Xie Yunzhou did not take it immediately.

The atmosphere instantly stiffened.

Just as Chu Huas smile could no longer be maintained, Xie Yunzhou finally took the clothes over.

Xie Yunzhou said, “Ill get my assistant to transfer the money for the clothes to you.”

Chu Hua hurriedly said, “This shirt is for you.

Theres no need for us to be so distant, right”

“You open a shop to do business.” Xie Yunzhou glanced at Shi Xi.

“Lets go.”

Shi Xi added Song Songs WeChat and followed Xie Yunzhou out.

After getting into the car, Shi Xi asked, “You persuaded me to buy clothes designed by that lady boss.

Why dont you wear the clothes designed by her yourself I think theyre not bad!”

The assistant who was driving in the front row was speechless.

Xie Yunzhou looked at Shi Xi and asked, “Dont you mind”

Shi Xi suddenly understood.

“You want to bring them back and wash them before you wear them, right”

Xie Yunzhou:

Shi Xi: “I dont like to try on clothes either.

Its best to wash the new clothes before wearing them.”

Xie Yunzhou: Thats not what he meant!

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