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397 Pregnant

Shi Xus heart was struggling.

Before he came over, Tao Yuxuan had sent him a message saying that she could act with him.

The two of them would pretend to be a couple, causing Xu Ziqing to retreat.

Shi Xu felt that this method was useless.

However, he had no other choice.

He could only make a last resort.

“Miss Xu, actually, I already have Big brother Shi Xus child.” Tao Yuxuans tone was sincere, as if she was speaking the truth.

The other three people present were stunned.

“Youre already pregnant” Xu Ziqing had never encountered such a situation before and was somewhat unable to react.

However, when she saw that Shi Xu was also in a daze, she asked doubtfully, “Brother Shi, dont you know”

Tao Yuxuan interrupted, “I havent told Big Brother Shi Xu yet.

I wanted to give him a surprise.”

How was this a surprise

It was only a shock!

Forget it, there was indeed a surprise.

Shi Xu was already in a state of mind as he said firmly, “I will definitely take responsibility!”

“How are you going to take responsibility You and I still have an engagement.” Xu Ziqing panicked and said, “Brother Shi, have you forgotten what Grandfather said”

Grandpa Shi wanted him to treat Xu Ziqing well.

Tao Yuxuan retreated in order to advance.

“I know that my background is not good enough for Big Brother Shi Xu.

“Brother Shi Xu, I dont want you to be responsible.

I will raise the child myself.”

Xu Ziqing immediately said, “Lets get rid of the child while its still young.”

She would never allow her plan to marry into a wealthy family to have even the slightest mistake!

She just did not expect that before she married into the Shi family, she would start dealing with the women around Shi Xu.

One really did not know a person by his appearance.

She had thought that he was not the kind of rich second-generation that would fool around.

Xu Ziqing was frustrated.

Tao Yuxuan was addicted to acting.

“No! I dont want to abort this child! Get married and leave me alone!”

After saying that, Tao Yuxuan stood up and left.

Shi Xu hurriedly chased after her.

Xu Ziqing also wanted to chase after him, but she was wearing high heels and sitting on the inside.

It would be troublesome even if she got up, so she could only give up.

Shi Xi was eating a vanilla puff, breaking the silence.

She asked, “Do you want to eat”

“No!” Xu Ziqings eyes were filled with viciousness, but she quickly regained her gentleness and smiled.

“I remembered that I still have some matters to attend to, so Ill be leaving first.”

Shi Xi looked at Xu Ziqings change in expression and thought to herself that if she were to become an actress, she would probably be able to do quite well.

Just as Shi Xi finished eating the puffs and was about to leave, the shop assistant walked up to her.

“Miss, are you paying now”

Shi Xi: “…Yes.”

They had all agreed to treat her, but why was she the one to pay in the end!

Just as Shi Xi was about to pay, a few young boys and girls sized up Shi Xi and asked, “Are you Shi Xi”

Shi Xi pushed up her glasses.

“No, youre mistaken.”

“Youre Shi Xi! Your voice is exactly the same!”

Shi Xi raised a finger.

“Shh — lower your voice.”

“Can you give me your autograph Im your fan.

I like you so much!” As she said that, one of the fans even took out Shi Xis polaroid that she always carried with her.

She always carried such things with her.

It seemed like she really loved her.

“Wait for me to pay the bill.” After Shi Xi paid the bill, she signed her autograph for her fans.

However, once there was one, there would be a second one.

More and more people were looking for her autograph.

Some people surrounded Shi Xi and refused to leave.

They took photos and videos.

Some people even turned on their livestreams.

Fortunately, the fans who recognized her were still there.

They protected her and let Shi Xi come out of the coffee shop.

Just when she was about to call for a car, she saw a familiar car.

It was Xie Yunzhous car!

Woo-woo! Just in time!

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