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396 Big Brother Shi Xu, You Are Finally Here

Shi Xis eyes widened in surprise when she heard the termBig Brother Shi Xu.

She could not imagine that Tao Yuxuan would actually use such a clingy term.

“Whats your relationship with Shi Xu” Xu Ziqing immediately became alert.

Tao Yuxuan pretended to be innocent.

“Its nothing.

Were just childhood friends who grew up together.”

This was nothing!

Xu Ziqing was alarmed.

She maintained a smile and said, “Hello, Im Shi Xus fiancée, Xu Ziqing.

How strange, Ive never heard of you.”

Shi Xi coughed and told Tao Yuxuan to stop acting.

However, Tao Yuxuan smiled and said, “Big Brother Shi Xu has never mentioned you to me before.”

The two of them looked at each other and emitted a strong fighting spirit.


When Shi Xu arrived at the coffee shop, he saw three women sitting at a table.

He had a headache.

Three women for a show.

These three women were not to be trifled with!

The seat reserved for him was also under attack.

Shi Xi, Tao Yuxuan.

Xu Ziqing, Shi Xu.

Shi Xu felt that he didnt fit in with this place.

“Big Brother Shi Xu, youre finally here.

I ordered the ice americano style that you like, sugar-free and milk-free.” Tao Yuxuan began to act.

Shi Xu already wanted to run away.

He couldnt drink coffee without milk or sugar at all!

“Thank you.

I brought you the herb-soaked wood that you like.” Shi Xu put the paper bag on the table and smiled warmly.

Xu Ziqing noticed that the two of them were so familiar with each other and sensed a hint of danger, so she interrupted, “Brother Shi, why have you never mentioned Miss Tao to me”

Shi Xi ate the herb-soaked puff and thought to herself,This is really a fight between experts.

“Our parents dont agree, so we have always been dating in private.” Shi Xu thought of the script that Tao Yuxuan had given him and started to talk nonsense.

“You are dating” Xu Ziqing clenched her cup.

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