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395 Heartbreak, Crying

Shi Xu boiled hot water, took out the tea set, and found the good Longjing tea.

He washed the teacup, brewed the tea, washed the tea, poured the tea, and gave Father Shi hot tea.

“Not bad, not bad!” Father Shi drank the tea, feeling good physically and mentally.

Shi Xu asked, “Can you tell me what method you have now”

Father Shi began to play dumb.

“What method Did you encounter any difficulties”

“About the engagement.” When Father Shi started to act shamelessly, he knew that things were not looking good.

Father Shi said loudly, “The engagement Didnt you listen to your grandfather Just get married!

“Oh right, when do you guys want to hold the wedding Where Also, do you want to renovate the house Or do you guys want to move out”

Shi Xu could not take it anymore.

He got up and went back to his room to sulk.

Shi Xi hugged her teacup and whispered, “Dad, hes angry.”

“If hes angry, so be it.

Does he still dare to beat up his father” Father Shi waved his hand nonchalantly.

Shi Xi: …

The Shi familys personalities were really different from one another.

When she returned to her room, Shi Xi thought of something and found Sister Wines WeChat.

Shi Xi asked, [When did Xu Ziqing and Wu Ni break up]

Feng Yingyuan quickly replied: [They didnt break up.]

Shi Xi: !

Seeing Sister Wines reply, Shi Xi was shocked.

She immediately called her and asked: “They didnt break up How is that possible”

Feng Yingyuan said lazily: “A few days ago, I saw Wu Ni flaunting their love on WeChat moments.

How could they break up so quickly”

Shi Xi: “Are you sure it was Xu Ziqing flaunting their love”

Xu Ziqing was not a good woman, but that did not mean that Wu Ni was a good man.

With that said, Feng Yingyuan paused for a moment and said, “Wait for me.

Ill look at his WeChat moments again.”

Shi Xi also found Wu Nis WeChat moments and found that he had only set it to be visible for three days.

“I cant see it anymore.” Feng Yingyuan felt regretful and asked again, “Why are you asking this Did Wu Ni pursue you”

“No, its Xu Ziqing.” Shi Xi briefly told her about Xu Ziqing and Shi Xus engagement.

This was not a secret.

It was just that they had different social circles, so Feng Yingyuan had never heard of it.

“Tsk, your brother is very rich, right” Feng Yingyuan said bluntly.

“He is quite rich.”

“Xu Ziqings dream is to marry into a rich family.

If your brother is richer than Wu Ni, she will definitely dump Wu Ni and marry him,” Feng Yingyuan said affirmatively.

Shi Xis tea tasting skills were not as good as Sister Wines.

Feng Yingyuan said, “Ill ask Wu Ni.

Ill call you back when I have news.”

After hanging up the phone, Shi Xi waited for Feng Yingyuans news.

She was not that familiar with Wu Ni.

It felt strange to ask him rashly.

It was better to let the socialite Sister Wine do it.

She would treat her to a drink next time!

After a few minutes, Feng Yingyuan replied, [Wu Ni has broken up with someone and is crying.]

Shi Xi: [Thank you, Sister Wine.

Ill treat you to a meal next time.]

Feng Yingyuan: [Ill comfort him first.

Well talk later.]

Sister Wine left quickly as if she was still nostalgic for Wu Ni.

What was there to be nostalgic about

Shi Xi did not understand.

An adults view of love had really intimidated her.

But just based on this, she was unable to defeat Xu Ziqing.

Xu Ziqing could send him off with just a sentence,Its just a variety show script.


The production team was on a half-day break, so Shi Xi and Tao Yuxuan went out to go shopping.

They chatted as they picked out their clothes.

When Xu Ziqing was mentioned, Tao Yuxuan said disdainfully, “Ive seen many women who love vanity.

In order to marry into a rich family, they would do anything!”

As soon as she said that, Tao Yuxuan saw Xu Ziqing on the other side of the clothes rack.

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