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394 Ordinary Beatings and Special Beatings

“Then why did you come out to eat Arent you going home to apply medicine” After Shi XI finished lecturing Shi Xu, she said to Xie Yunzhou, “My brother and I will go home first.


Xie Yunzhou had wanted to send Shi Xi home, but he was interrupted by Shi Xu.

But what could he do

He could only smile and say that it didnt matter.

After the two left, Sheng Yan looked at Xie Yunzhou and asked, “Are you and Shi Xi dating”

Xie Yunzhou replied, “No, were just having a meal.”

Sheng Yan felt that something was wrong.

However, he was used to being a straight man, so he did not notice that something was wrong.

He shrugged and left.

When they got home, Shi Xi took some medicine and applied it on Shi Xu.

Although Grandpa Shi had a heart attack, he had joined the army when he was young.

After he had settled down, he firmly believed that a dutiful son would be born from a stick, so it hurt and he was not gentle.

Seeing a bright red mark on Shi Xus arm, Shi Xi took a deep breath and asked, “Dont you know to go to the pharmacy to buy some medicine to apply on it”

“I didnt think of it.” Shi Xu had never taken this little injury to heart.

As long as it wasnt bleeding, it wasnt a big deal.

Even if it was bleeding, it wasnt necessarily a big deal.

As Shi Xi applied the medicine on him, she felt a lingering fear in her heart.

“Fortunately, I didnt go.”

Otherwise, she would definitely cry on the spot.

“Grandpa doesnt hit girls,” Shi Xu said.

“He didnt even hit you when you broke his vase.”

“Ah When” Shi Xi asked in confusion.

“When you were young, you were scared to tears.

Grandpa scolded you, but he didnt hit you,” Shi Xu said.

Shi Xi recalled the memories of the original owner and said, “From then on, Grandpa didnt like me anymore”

Shi Xu said, “From then on, you rarely went to see Grandpa.”

Shi Xi said helplessly, “Alright, the next time I go to see Grandpa, Ill send him a vase.”

After applying the medicine to Shi Xu and putting away the medical box, Father Shi returned.

“What are you doing with the medical box Is Xi Xi injured” Father Shi asked worriedly.

“No, it was Brother who got beaten up by Grandpa.

I helped him apply the medicine.” Shi Xi closed the medical box.

Father Shi said in disdain, “He cried out in pain after receiving a beating He even needed to apply medicine Why is he acting like a sissy”

Shi Xu: “…”

“That red mark looks like it hurts!” Shi Xi was displeased and defended Shi Xu.

Father Shi sat down and asked, “Why did he get beaten up”

Shi Xu said calmly, “Its nothing.

I just got beaten up normally.”

Was there a difference between getting beaten up normally and getting beaten up specially

Shi Xi felt that her brother was a little masochistic.

“Its because of the engagement, isnt it” Father Shi was indeed an experienced person.

He saw through the essence of the matter at a glance.

Shi Xi nodded and instantly sold Shi Xu off.

“Its because of the engagement!

“Dad, what do you think Brother can do to break off the engagement with Miss Xu without hurting Grandpa”

Shi Xu also looked at Father Shi.

He did not tell his parents that he wanted to break off the engagement because he did not want to give them any pressure.

But now, it seemed that the older the ginger, the spicier it was.

He needed some external help.

Father Shi leaned against the sofa and said meaningfully, “After a day of work, my shoulders are a little sore.”

Shi Xi and Shi Xu looked at each other for three seconds.

Shi Xi walked behind Father Shi and massaged his shoulders.

“Dad, is this strength okay”

“Yes.” Father Shi stretched out his hand.

“Im a little thirsty.

I want a cup of tea.”

There was chrysanthemum tea on the table.

Shi Xu poured a cup for Father Shi.

Father Shi said critically, “I want to drink Longjing tea.”

Shi Xu: …Got up to make tea.

While Shi Xu was making tea, Shi Xi asked softly, “Dad, do you have any ideas”

Father Shi simply said, “No, I just want to order you around.”

Shi Xi: …Sure enough, the older the ginger the spicier.

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