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393 Accompany Me To Visit Grandpa, You Dont Have Time, But You Have Time To Have Dinner With a Wild Man

Shi Xu wanted to let Shi Xi comfort him a little more, but in the end, she ran away.

Forget it.

It wasnt that easy to break off an engagement.

Back then, Shi Xis engagement had been delayed for a long time before it was canceled.

Thinking of this, Shi Xu thought of another person who might be able to help him.

“Sheng Yan, do you have time Come out and have a meal.”


Qingshui Restaurant.

Shi Xi got off work early and went to Qingshui Restaurant to order some dishes.

After a while, Xie Yunzhou arrived.

“Sorry, Im late.” Xie Yunzhou pushed open the door and apologized when he saw that the girl was waiting for him.

How could he let Shi Xi wait for him!

He should have arrived first!

“Its okay.

I got off work early.” Shi Xi flipped through the menu and said, “I ordered lion head fish and white fish stew and three sets of duck.

Do you want to eat something”

Xie Yunzhou called the waiter in and said, “Add some light shadow beef and big boiled shredded pork.

Change the shrimp on the big boiled shredded pork to fish balls.”

Shi Xi said casually, “You seem to like light shadow beef very much.”

“You like fish very much,” Xie Yunzhou replied.

“I cant eat seafood, so I can only eat some fish.” Shi Xi smiled and asked, “Oh right, this big boiled shredded pork.

What is shredded pork Shredded pork It doesnt look like it!”

There was a picture on the menu, but Shi Xi could only see the shrimp balls on it.

Xie Yunzhou had already instructed the waiter to change it to fish balls.

Xie Yunzhou said, “Its made of shredded tofu and shredded chicken.

Its soft and delicious.

You should like it.”

The two followed the menu and talked about their preferences for delicacies.

On the other side, Shi Xu invited Sheng Yan for a meal.

“How did you convince your family to break off the engagement” Shi Xu asked.

Sheng Yan: “…”

He did not expect that Shi Xu would ask him such a question.

“It was your Shi family who said that they were going to postpone the engagement party, so the engagement party was canceled.” Sheng Yan was speechless.

“In a society ruled by law, how could I force myself to marry her”

Sheng Yan had always been brooding over this engagement party.

It was not because he liked Shi Xi.

He just felt that it would be very embarrassing if the engagement party was canceled.

“Delaying the engagement party is a good idea.” Shi Xu nodded.

Sheng Yan ate the meat and thought to himself,Your Shi family is really rebellious.

All of them wanted to cancel the engagement.

“However, Grandpa Shi wants to see you get married, so he definitely wont agree to postpone it,” Sheng Yan said and cut off Shi Xus thoughts.

Shi Xu: …

The Shi family was a wealthy family in Feng City, so Shi Xus marriage was naturally watched by people from all walks of life.

Therefore, almost everyone in the circle knew about the news of Shi Xis engagement.

Shi Xu asked, “Do you have any ideas”

“No, Grandpa Shis heart isnt good, so this problem is unsolvable,” Sheng Yan said straightforwardly.

His and the Shi parents were both healthy and vigorous, so no one would die of anger.

Shi Xu was helpless.

After the two finished eating, they came out of the private room and met Shi Xi and Xie Yunzhou.

Shi Xi blinked her eyes.

Seeing that she couldnt avoid them, she said, “Brother.”

“You dont have time to accompany me to visit Grandpa, but you do have time to have dinner with the wild man.” When Shi Xu saw Xie Yunzhou, his eyes were filled with displeasure.

Who would like to see their cabbage being eaten

Xie Yunzhou: …

“I was filming in the morning, so I didnt have time to visit Grandpa!” Shi Xi smiled brightly.

“Hows Grandpas health”

Shi Xu thought about the hit and said, “Not bad, hitting someone hurts quite a bit.”

“You were hit” Shi Xi asked in surprise, “Where did Grandpa hit you Does it still hurt”

“He hit my arm.

Its fine, Ill go back and apply some medicine.” Shi Xu pretended to be strong.

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