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392 Grandpa Felt That She Was Gentle and Magnanimous, And He Liked Her Even More

Shi Xi: …Is it my fault

After Shi Xu left, Shi Xi immediately sent a message to Tao Yuxuan: [Shi Xu is going to break off the engagement tomorrow!]

The other party sent back a message: [What break off the engagement]

Shi Xi typed and thought to herself,Why is she still asking — wait!

Why did she send it to Xie Yunzhous dialog box!

Just now, Shi Xi had been chatting with Tao Yuxuan, but she did not know when Xie Yunzhou had sent a message.

She had made a mistake and sent it to Xie Yunzhou.

Shi Xi could only explain the ins and outs of the situation and sent the message to Tao Yuxuan in the middle.

Tao Yuxuan: [It definitely cant be broken off! The elderly love to randomly mess with mandarin ducks and watch the children suffer.]

Shi Xi: Speechless.

Xie Yunzhou: [Are you free tomorrow night There are a few new dishes at Qingshui Restaurant.]

Xie Yunzhou did not care about Shi Xus marriage at all.

He only cared if Shi Xi was free to go on a date with him tomorrow.

Oh, no, to have dinner with him.

Shi Xi replied: [Sure, my crew will finish work at around 6 oclock.]

As long as they did not shoot night scenes, they would finish work before 6 oclock every day.

Lou Ruicong and Shi Xis acting skills werent bad, and the filming went smoothly.

They closed at 4 oclock today, and after shooting a few more scenes, they closed at 5:30.

Modern dramas didnt need to wear wigs and change clothes.

It was much more convenient.

After the two of them made an appointment, Shi Xi realized that she had too many appointments with Xie Yunzhou.

She and Tao Yuxuan had never made such an appointment before!

Other than being a little stupid, Tao Yuxuan treated her quite well.

With the intention of preserving their friendship, Shi Xi sent a message to Tao Yuxuan: [Im free the day after tomorrow afternoon.

Do you want to go shopping together Ill treat you to a meal.]

Tao Yuxuan: [Sure, I was afraid that you wouldnt be free!]

Shi Xi looked at the date and asked: [Its mid-week that day.

Arent you going to work]

Tao Yuxuan: [My own company, I can skip work as I please.]


After making the appointment, Shi Xi lay down happily, looking forward to the delicacies in Qingshui Restaurant and the beautiful clothes in the shopping mall.


The appointment was at 6 in the evening, but Xie Yunzhou had asked his assistant to deliver lunch to Shi Xi at noon.

Shi Xi opened the lunch box and lamented, “Qingshui Restaurant never delivers food.

I can only eat food in the canteen.”

The assistant smiled and said, “President Xie has Qingshui Restaurants shares.”

Shi Xi was deep in thought.

“No wonder he eats there every day.

So its because they dont charge him.”

The assistant:

He seemed to have said something wrong.

“President Xie pays for his meals at Qingshui Restaurant,” the assistant hurriedly explained.

“Its all his money anyway.” Shi Xi was about to eat when she saw that the assistant was still there.

She asked, “Dont you have to go back to work”

Of course, he had to go back to work!

The assistant was mentally tired.

“Miss Shi, Ill go back first.”

“Okay, Ill wash the lunch boxes.

Ill bring them tonight,” Shi Xi added.

The assistant felt that all of this didnt matter anymore.

Most importantly, Shi Xi wouldnt think that President Xie was a stingy person just because of his words, right!

President Xie really went to Qingshui Restaurant because it was delicious — wait a minute!

The assistant pondered.

Could it be that President Xie really went to Qingshui Restaurant because he didnt have to pay money at Qingshui Restaurant

Shi Xi successfully misled Xie Yunzhous assistants train of thought.

After work, Shi Xi first sent a message to Shi Xu, asking how things were going with the engagement.

Shi Xu: [She mentioned breaking the engagement.

Grandpa thinks that shes gentle and magnanimous, and likes her even more.]

It was within her expectations.

Shi Xi: [So the engagement wasnt broken off]

Shi Xu: [No, Grandpa even scolded me.]

It was an unexpected situation.

But if she went, she would probably be scolded as well.

Shi Xi comforted him a little before preparing to go to Qingshui Restaurant for a meal.

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