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391 Would Not Have Invested In This Drama If He Had Known Earlier.

When He Needed You, He Could Not Count On You At All

Mother Shi did not agree.

“Well said.

Isnt he just trying to make your father happy”

Father Shi: “Why is he so obedient I dont even listen to my father.”

“Listen to what youre saying.

Your son is filial to your father for you.

Are you just going to leave him in the lurch What if his marriage isnt happy in the future”

“Shi Xu is already 26 years old.

Dont tell me he still needs me to teach him how to marry a wife Besides, how do you know that Shi Xus marriage isnt happy in the future I think that Qing Qing is pretty good.

She studied overseas and has a masters degree in finance.

Shes beautiful, and shes a good match for our son!”


Shi Xi listened to the argument between the two of them and silently brought the bowl back to her room.

Forget it, it was better not to participate in this battle.

After gossiping with Tao Yuxuan for a while, Shi Xi took a shower and prepared to go to sleep.

She still had to go to the filming set tomorrow!

Just as Shi Xi lay down, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Shi Xi sat up and saw that it was Shi Xu.

Shi Xu went straight to the point.

“Xu Ziqing said that she will visit Grandpa tomorrow and also suggested canceling the engagement.”

Shi Xis eyes lit up.

“Thats a good thing! Wait, is she trying to pull some tricks”

“I dont know,” Shi Xu said.

“Thats why I want you to accompany her tomorrow.”

“Me” Shi Xi was puzzled.

“Grandpa doesnt like me, so whats the use of me going”

Everyone in the Shi family liked her, but Grandpa Shi was extremely picky about boys and girls, and he didnt like girls who were delicate and delicate.

Shi Xu said, “Xu Ziqing is a woman.

There are some things that I shouldnt say out loud.”

“What things” Shi Xi asked casually.

Shi Xu said, “Her education level is too low, her ability to distinguish is weak, her personality is green tea, her makeup is too thick, her figure is too bad, and her private life is chaotic…”

Shi Xi was dumbfounded when she heard that.

She only felt that Xu Ziqing was pretentious, but she never felt that Xu Ziqings education level was… low.

“She has a masters degree in finance from a foreign university.” Shi Xi continued, “Although I dont know what university it is, she has a masters degree.”

“She only has one degree.” Shi Xu had a double masters degree in finance and psychology from MIT.

He was expressionless.

Only then did Shi Xi remember that at the time, Shi Xu went to university at the age of 16.

At the age of 19, he graduated from university and went to MIT.

At the age of 21, he started a business with his friends.

At the age of 23, he took over the Shi Corporation.

Shi Xi often forgot how outstanding a man he was because Shi Xu was too gentle.

“I wear makeup too!” Shi Xi asked, “Do you think I have too much makeup”

Shi Xu was silent for a moment, then said, “You look best without makeup.”

Shi Xi wanted to ask something, but in the end, she changed the topic and asked, “What kind of girl do you like”

“Anyway, its not her.” Shi Xu did not want to talk about Xu Ziqing anymore, so he asked, “Can you accompany me to visit Grandpa tomorrow”

“You can go with Mom.” Shi Xi said, “Mom doesnt like Xu Ziqing either.”

Shi Xu said, “Grandpa doesnt like Mom.”


Shi Xi said, “Grandpa doesnt like me!”

They went back to the starting point.

“How about this, what time are you guys going tomorrow Ill get Tao Yuxuan to visit Grandpa.” Shi Xi said, “With her help, it should be better.”

“Are there any other candidates” Shi Xu did not hide his dislike at all.

Shi Xi: “…No.”

It was not that she did not want to look for other people, but that she really did not have many friends in Feng City who had brains.

“Ill go by myself.” Shi Xu sighed.

He was afraid that Tao Yuxuan would anger Grandpa to the point of causing a heart attack.

Shi Xi: “You can do it, Brother! Ill support you spiritually!”

As Shi Xu walked out, he muttered to himself, “If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have invested in this drama for you.

When I need you, I cant count on you at all.”


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