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390 Shi Xi, A Girl Who Was Greedy For Vanity

Therefore, after going around the topic, Xu Ziqing brought it back to the topic.

She said, “Recently, I have thought of quitting my job in Hai City and going back to Feng City to work.”

Shi Xu said, “Havent you been receiving jobs in the entertainment industry recently How good would it be if you just quit your job and enter the entertainment industry”

After Xu Ziqing joined the variety show industry, she gained some fame and accepted some invitations and small advertisements from small variety shows.

Xu Ziqing paused for a moment and said, “I just entered the entertainment industry to have some fun.

I never thought of developing in the entertainment industry.”

“Shi Xi, did you hear that Theres no future in the entertainment industry.

Hurry up and finish it and come back.” Shi Xu changed the topic to Shi Xi.

“I still have a few female lead scripts in my hands.

How can there be no future” Shi Xi muttered softly.

Shi Xu: “What are you talking about”

“I said, dont meddle in the matters of beauties!” Shi Xi quickly pulled a few chicken wings into her bowl and said, “Im going back to my room to eat.

Bye bye!”

The others:”…”

With the interruption of Shi Xu, the matter of Xu Ziqing wanting to join the Shi Corporation was finally settled.

After dinner, Shi Xu sent Xu Ziqing off.

On the way, Xu Ziqing asked, “Brother Shi, do you not like me”

Shi Xu replied indifferently, “Weve only known each other for less than a week.

I cant say if I like you or not.”

That meant he didnt like her.

Xu Ziqing bit her lower lip.

“Brother Shi, if you dont want to get engaged to me, I can tell Grandpa Shi to cancel our engagement.

Its already the 21st century now, so this idea of an arranged marriage should be abolished.”

Shi Xu: “Sure, you can go and tell him tomorrow.

Ill wait for your news.”

Xu Ziqing: !

Why didnt he act according to common sense!

At this time, shouldnt Shi Xu feel that she was extraordinary and take good care of her!

“Then Ill go and see Grandpa Shi tomorrow.” Xu Ziqing could only go along with it.

“Ill go with you.” Shi Xu was afraid that if Xu Ziqing went alone, she would backstab him.

Xu Ziqing was frantically thinking of what she could do to save Shi Xu.

Now, she could only retreat in order to advance!

“Oh right, I see that Shi Xi is still staying at the Shi family.” Xu Ziqing continued to find a topic to talk about.

“She seems to be on very good terms with the both of you.”

“Although Xi Xi isnt my biological sister, she has been in the Shi family for more than ten years.

We already have a family relationship.” When Shi Xi was mentioned, Shi Xus eyes were filled with gentleness.

Xu Ziqing secretly gritted her teeth.

She didnt like Shi Xi.

Xu Ziqing originally thought that the fake daughter Shi Xi would be despised in the Shi family, but she didnt expect that the Shi family would still dote on this fake daughter from top to bottom!

“But havent you already found your biological sister” Xu Ziqing pretended to be innocent as she asked, “Why didnt Shi Xi return to her original home”

“That place is too remote.

She will occasionally go back.” Shi Xu frowned slightly.

He had never been to Long Quan Village, but he knew that it was three to four hours away.

“Thats true.

Living in the countryside is not as comfortable as living in a villa in the city.” Xu Ziqing wanted to describe Shi Xi as a vain girl.

However, Shi Xu agreed, “Yeah, I dont understand why she wants to go to that home in the countryside.”

Xu Ziqing:

What the f*ck did I just say to sow discord It doesnt work on you at all, does it


Shi family.

After Shi Xi finished eating in the room, she brought out the bowls and chopsticks and saw that Xu Ziqing had already left.

“Shi Hong, I feel that our son doesnt like Xu Ziqing.” Mother Shi and Father Shi discussed Shi Xus marriage.

“If he doesnt like her, just say it.

No one is forcing him to marry her.” Father Shi was extremely perfunctory about Shi Xus marriage.

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