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389 Shi Xi Was To Be Kept As An Idler

Both Shi Xi and Mother Shi had ugly expressions on their faces.

“Xi Xi is my daughter.

Is there a problem living here” Mother Shi said unhappily.

In terms of honesty, Mother Shi was even straighter than Shi Xi.

And she was even more protective of her own shortcomings.

When Ning Yu came back, Mother Shi was afraid that Shi Xi would be bullied, so she warned and taught Ning Yu a lesson.

Ning Yu was her biological daughter.

What the h*ll was Xu Ziqing

How dare she bully her daughter

Xu Ziqing saw that Mother Shis tone was not good, so she quickly smiled apologetically and said, “I just thought that Auntie was so elegant and graceful, so I wanted to meet your biological daughter.”

At the same time, she also wanted to attack Shi Xi.

Clearly, Xu Ziqing had made a wrong calculation.

Regarding her biological daughter, Ning Yu, Mother Shi did not have much favoritism.

When she mentioned it, she only said lightly, “Ning Yu is studying at Yanjing University.”

Xu Ziqing praised, “Amazing, she actually went to Yanjing University.”

As for Ning Yu, this troublesome child, Mother Shi did not have much interest in talking about her.

She just dealt with it perfunctorily.

Shi Xi listened from the side and thought to herself,Isnt this too much Mother Shi liked Shi Xi the most, not her own daughter, Ning Yu.

After Xu Ziqing chatted for a while, she did secretly scold herself for not being tactful.

At the same time, she scolded Mother Shi for being mentally ill.

Why did she not like her own daughter and go to dote on her fake daughter, Shi Xi!

Was she mentally ill!!

Shi Xi had also thought about this question before.

Later, when she saw the way Mother Shi and Ning Yu interacted, she became much clearer.

Mother Shi liked a daughter who was obedient and sensible.

She wished that she could arrange everything for her daughter.

Ning Yus personality was cold and indifferent.

She disliked others interfering with her matters the most.

Moreover, she had many private things to do.

She didnt want to be the doll that her mother wanted.

Compared to getting along with Mother Shi, Ning Yu preferred to sell crabs with the Ning couple.


It wasnt until dinner time that Father Shi and Shi Xu came back.

Seeing Xu Ziqing, Shi Xus exhaustion from the whole day was doubled.

Everyone gathered around the dining table to eat.

It was completely silent.

“Qing Qing, I heard that you work in a foreign company What kind of work are you doing now” Father Shi broke the silence and took the initiative to ask.

Xu Ziqing smiled and said, “Im currently working as a finance director in Fengwan Corporation.

Im mainly responsible for the companys financial accounting work.”

Father Shi said, “Youre already a finance director at such a young age.

Youre very impressive!”

“Not really.

Its just a small company,” Xu Ziqing said modestly.

“Then, do you want to jump to the Shi Corporation” Father Shi asked.

Xu Ziqings heart raced as she joked, “Uncle, the requirements of the Shi Corporation are so high.

I dont think I can do it.”

Shi Xu: “The Shi Corporation doesnt lack people now.”

Xu Ziqing: “…”

Father Shi said unhappily, “So what if we raise more idlers”

Xu Ziqing:

Shi Xi lowered her head and ate silently, not participating in the discussion.

Recently, there was a lot of tension at home.

She would rather stay at the film crews hotel in the future.

Shi Xu: “In the future, I still have to take care of Shi Xi, this idler.

I cant take care of so many idlers.”

Shi Xi, who was picking up the chicken wings, paused.

She shouldnt have stretched out her chopsticks!

Mother Shi said unhappily, “What are you talking about Now that Xi Xi can earn her own money, she even bought me a beauty salon when she came back!”

Shi Xu: “Its all useless IQ taxes.

She just likes to buy these fancy and useless things.”

Shi Xi picked up the chicken wing and changed the topic.

“This chicken wing is very delicious.

Everyone, try it.”

The topic was changed and the matter of Xu Ziqing entering the Shi Corporation was brought up.

Xu Ziqing was thinking about it.

If she could enter the Shi Corporation, then it would be closer to Shi Xu!

It was good for cultivating relationships!

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