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388 Genius, Always Lonely

After Lou Ruicong finished his speech, he said, “However, even though you dont have much acting skills, you have a lot of spirit.”

Shi Xi: “…Thank you”

She actually couldnt tell if this was slander or a compliment.

After everything was ready, the two of them started filming according to the filming schedule for today.

Although the two of them werent very reliable, they were very serious about their work.

Their scenes with each other were almost always one-shot.

This was especially true for Lou Ruicong.

His acting skills were superb.

He could bring other actors into the scene, and he was not stingy with his sharing.

The director looked at the footage in the camera and thought to himself,No wonder Lou Ruicong, this r*tard, can act as the male lead.

It turned out that the hard conditions were good enough.

Because the filming went smoothly, the entire crew was very peaceful and peaceful.

Most of them were workers.

They just wanted to work smoothly and get off work on time.

Thanks to the outstanding performances of the two main leads, not only did everyone exceed their quota, they even got off work early.

The director was very happy.

“Dont leave today.

Ill treat everyone to a meal!”

It had been a long time since he had been so happy!

Lou Ruicong was also very happy.

He suggested, “After dinner, lets go sing!”

The director was instantly unhappy.

“I suddenly remembered that I have an appointment tonight.

Ill remember this meal first and treat everyone next time.

Ill be leaving first.”

It was better to leave first.

Shi Xi smiled and said, “Ill go home for dinner.


Lou Ruicong was very lonely by himself.

Shi Xi was halfway there when she saw Lou Ruicong holding his phone and asking for a taxi.

She couldnt bear it and said, “Let me send you back.”

Lou Ruicong said, “My family lives in the accordion apartment.”

Shi Xi: I often regret my softness.

After Han Chuan sent Shi Xi to the set, he did not even see Lou Ruicong and ran away.

There were only Xiao Tian and Zhu Lin in the car.

After Lou Ruicong got into the car, he sized it up and said, “This car is really good.

Its even better than the one the company gave me before.”

Shi Xi: “This is my brothers car.”

Lou Ruicong: “I used to have an assistant too.”

Zhu Lin reminded him, “You can tell Brother Han to get you an assistant.”

Lou Ruicong said, “Those assistants are too stupid.”

Zhu Lin stopped talking.

She felt sorry for the unlucky people.

“Shall we act together” Lou Ruicong suggested.

“Sure.” Shi Xi would rather talk about work than chat.

Lou Ruicongguided her until the car stopped.

They arrived at the accordion apartment.

“You go back first.

See you tomorrow.” Shi Xi smiled comfortably.

She really wanted to never see him again!

“Do you want to come to my house for a cup of coffee” Lou Ruicong invited.

“No, I have to rush home to eat,” Shi Xi said casually.

At this time, the house probably hadnt cooked yet.

“Okay.” Lou Ruicong went back alone.

Geniuses were always lonely.

Shi Xi put away her sympathy and told Xiao Tian to hurry home.

It was time to get off work!

It was time to be happy!

Shi Xi wanted to be happy.

But as soon as she got home, Shi Xi saw one of the people she didnt want to see the most: Xu Ziqing.

Xu Ziqing accompanied Mother Shi as they sat on the sofa and chatted.

When she saw Shi Xi come in, Xu Ziqings eyes were filled with surprise.

“Shi Xi”

Shi Xis footsteps slowed down.


“Xi Xi is back.

Come and take a look.

This is the Miss Xu I told you about,” Mother Shi introduced.

“Auntie, I know Xi Xi.” Xu Ziqing had a gentle smile on her face.

Shi Xi smiled.


Xu Ziqing asked curiously, “Auntie, I dont remember your daughter being Shi Xi, right Why is she still here”


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