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387 You Are Right, But An Electric Wheelchair Is Very Expensive

The flower shop owner was the male lead.

In his early years, due to a car accident, the driver who caused the accident escaped and he was not sent to the hospital in time.

He could only spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

The young man who was originally in his prime had become disabled.

From then on, he lost his fighting spirit and became taciturn.

And because the female lead had transmigrated here, the flower shop owner gradually gained some vitality.


Shi Xi looked at the script and asked the director, “Can we really not change the disability into a mute”

She did not want to listen to Lou Ruicong.

The director said in pain, “Weve already bought the wheelchair.

Bear with it.”

It seemed that no one wanted to talk to Lou Ruicong much.

The filming process of modern dramas was much simpler.

There was no need for too many props, no need to re-set the scenes, and no need to spend one or two hours every time putting on makeup and changing clothes.

Even the extras could be found directly on the road.

Just as the production team was preparing, Lou Ruicong turned his wheelchair over and gasped, “This wheelchair is so tiring!”

Shi Xi glanced at him and said, “I have an electric wheelchair that doesnt need to be pushed.”

Lou Ruicongs eyes lit up and he said to the director, “I want one too!”

Director: !

Shi Xi: !

Lou Ruicong said confidently, “What era is it now Who would still use such an outdated wheelchair! If its inconvenient for your legs, you should use an electric wheelchair.

Thats more logical.”

“Youre right, but an electric wheelchair is very expensive,” the director said perfunctorily.

“And its not like you really cant walk.”

Lou Ruicong looked at Shi Xi again.

“Shi Xi, can you lend your electric wheelchair to the production team”

Shi Xi: “Yes, but my wheelchair is pink.”

Lou Ruicong: “…A florist probably cant afford an electric wheelchair.

A normal one will be fine.”

The director held back his laughter and said, “I actually think that a pink wheelchair is very suitable for you!”

Lou Ruicong said seriously, “Director, Im a proper actor! I wont agree to your ridiculous request!”

“Director, Ill go through the scenes with him first.

Please do your work.” Shi Xi pushed Lou Ruicong away, afraid that he would anger the director again.

Compared to the director turning the table during dinner, Lou Ruicongs words were more hurtful!

Lou Ruicong looked at Shi Xi and asked, “You want to go through the scenes with me”

“Yes, cant I” Shi XI flipped through the script.

“Of course you can.

Ive seen the scenes youve filmed.

I can give you some pointers,” Lou Ruichong said.

Shi Xi: “…”

This person was really not modest.

“Just the third scene.” Shi Xi asked, “Wheres your script”

“Its here.” Lou Ruichong pointed at his own brain.

Shi Xi blinked and said, “Boss, are you looking for people here”

When they were acting together, Lou Ruichong instantly changed into a different person.

His original arrogance became steady and he said coldly, “No.”

Shi Xi looked at him in surprise and continued, “But theres a recruitment post outside.”

Lou Ruicong paused for a moment.

“No recruitment.”

Shi Xi said, “If you dont lack people, why would you post a recruitment post”


After finishing the scene, Shi Xi could not help but sigh at Lou Ruicongs superb acting skills.

His original personality and the flower shop owners personality were two completely different people, but he could actually act so well.

Shi Xi threw away her prejudice against him and praised, “Your lines and expressions are very good! So amazing!”

“Did you only see these superficial things of mine” Lou Ruicong shook his head in disappointment, he pointed out, “Didnt you see my body movements From the beginning when I was relaxed to when I was stiff, I clenched my hands, trying to hide my uneasiness… I did so many details, but you only cared about my expressions and lines.”

Shi Xi: F*ck it, I have a prejudice against Lou Ruicong!

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