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Standing on the stairs, Shi Xi happened to see a cut on the dress.

The cut was smooth.

It was definitely done on purpose with a knife.

For a moment, the crowd was whispering.


“I didnt expect her to do such a thing!”

“Its not strange for a little gangster sister to do anything.”

“Even if shes a real daughter, she developed such a character in the remote countryside.

We cant be friends with her in the future.”

“Education is still more important.

Isnt Shi Xi much better than Ning Yu Its a pity that she was chased out by the Shi Family.”

Everyone looked at Ning Yu with disdain.

None of them thought highly of her actions.

She had actually torn the clothes that her biological mother had given her.

When Shi Xi saw this situation, she roughly understood the situation on the stage

— I wonder which brave cannon fodder is going to die so generously

Eh, isnt it good to be alive

Why do you want to die

“Lets go and eat some melons.” Shi Xi pulled Tao Yuxuan along, showing her the consequences of seeking death.

Tao Yuxuan: “Eating melons makes it easy to gain weight.

Did your manager ask you to eat them”

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Shi Xi: “…”

She wasnt hungry at first, but with her reminder, she suddenly felt hungry.


The audience was still tugging at each other because of the incident ofNing Yu tearing the dress.

Mother Shi was very angry.

“If you dont like it, you can just say it.

Why did you ruin the dress Havent I treated you well enough”

She didnt like Ning Yu to begin with.

Today, on account of Shi Xi, she gave Ning Yu 200,000 yuan as pocket money.

In the end, Ning Yu tore the custom-made dress!

People from small places were not easy to teach!

Ning Yu chuckled and narrowed her cold eyes.

“You believed her just because she said that I had torn it”

Mother Shi was used to being a noble lady, and it was rare for her to be contradicted like this.

At this moment, her aura was oppressive.

“Then tell me, when I gave you the dress yesterday, it was still fine.

Why is it torn now”

“The dress is torn.

Someone must have torn it,” Shi Xi could not help but say from the side.

“That may not necessarily be Ning Yus fault.

Pull up the surveillance footage and see who entered Ning Yus room during that period of time.

Well know who did it.”

Ning Yu nodded.


Mother Shi said, “The maid will go in to clean the room.

Youll definitely say that the maid tore the dress.”

Shi Xi: …Ive already let you say it.

Ning Yu pursed her lips.

She did not tear the dress.

But now, she actually could not prove her innocence.

It was really funny.

She was Madam Shis biological daughter, but Madam Shi was willing to believe the maid.

She was also unwilling to believe her.

“Just take it that I cut myself.” Ning Yu tilted her head slightly.

“How will Madam Shi punish me”

Although the young girl had a smile on her face, that smile did not reach her eyes.

Instead, it was bone-piercing cold.

Shi Xi, who was eating melons, rubbed her chin.

That was not right.

The female lead could not have failed.

Was there still a backup plan

Because of Shi Xi, the plot had already started to deviate.

Even Shi Xi, who had read the original novel, did not know what would happen next.

[Ding — Please complete the Female Supporting Storyline Mission: Frame the female lead]


Shi Xi tilted her head to look at Tao Yuxuan and asked in confusion, “What did you say”

Tao Yuxuan was even more confused than she was.

“I didnt say anything!”

Shi Xi muttered to herself, “Could it be that Im hallucinating”

System: […Hello, Host.

Im the Female Supporting System.

You can communicate with me directly in your heart.

Please complete the female supporting storyline mission immediately!]

Shi Xi was silent, wondering if she should ignore this voice.

‘Female supporting storyline mission,framing the female lead, none of these words sounded good.


Not to mentionimmediately.

Only items that were about to expire would be soldimmediately.

The system went crazy: [I can hear your heart! Dont pretend like I cant hear it!]



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