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386 The Director Sang and He Cut the Song

As expected.

Ning Yu was cold and indifferent to everything, so she probably wouldnt care about such things.

Shi Xi waited for two minutes, but the other side still didnt reply, so she put down her phone and went to sleep.

The next morning, Shi Xi picked up her phone and saw Ning Yus reply at four in the morning.

Ning Yu: [Got it.]

How could a normal person surf the internet at four in the morning!

Shi Xi got up lazily and prepared to go to the production team.

Today was the first day of filming for the new series, so she had to arrive early.

But when she thought about filming with Lou Ruicong, Shi Xi lost the motivation to work.

She really wanted to film with Chu Yuan, QAQ.

Xiao Tian came to pick Shi Xi up to the production team.

After Shi Xi got into the car, she saw that apart from Zhu Lin, Han Chuan was also in the car.

Han Chuan flipped through the latest script and asked directly, “Why are there only 24 episodes left in the script What happened during the reading of the script yesterday Why did they delete dozens of your scenes”

Shi Xi recounted what happened yesterday.

They had made some changes to the script, and in the end, there were only 24 episodes left.

“This way, your scenes will be much less,” Han Chuan said seriously.

“And before the broadcast, there will be another review.

Maybe some scenes will be deleted.”

“Those invalid scenes, just delete them.” Shi Xi did not care about these things.

Han Chuan would care about how many scenes each character had in a movie, and what the roles were like.

Shi Xi rarely watched these things.

She was a female supporting actress before, so it was useless to care.

Now that she was the female lead, and the movie was funded by her company, no one could beat her.

“Did Lou Ruicong change it” Han Chuan asked.

Shi Xi paused and nodded.

“He didnt do anything stupid yesterday, right” Han Chuan had a headache whenever Lou Ruicong was mentioned.

“Other than sitting in the directors seat, changing the script, and being the mic hog when he went to sing,” Shi Xi counted carefully and said, “He didnt do anything else overboard.”

“You guys went to sing” Han Chuan paused and asked, “He didnt cut the directors song, did he”

It wasnt like Han Chuan had never encountered such a thing before.

Shi Xi shook her head.


Han Chuan heaved a sigh of relief.

Shi Xi added, “He sang more than 20 songs in a row by himself.

He didnt give the director a chance to sing at all.”

Han Chuan:

Zhu Lin had heard of this mans legendary story and could not help but ask, “Sang more than 20 songs in a row Is his voice not hoarse”

Shi Xi said regretfully, “No.”

Han Chuan said to Shi Xi, “Take care of him a little more in the future.”

“Doesnt he have an assistant” Shi Xi asked, “Let his assistant take care of him a little more.”

“He chased them all away,” Han Chuan said.

“Some of them couldnt take it anymore and left on their own.”

Shi Xi asked doubtfully, “So he doesnt have an assistant now”

Han Chuan said, “In the past six months, he hasnt had any jobs.”

What he meant was that Lou Ruicong didnt need an assistant.

Alright then.

Shi Xi said, “Ill try my best to take care of him.”

On account of the fact that they were both in the same company.

Han Chuan looked at the script as if he was thinking if he had done the right thing.

However, the company did not support idle people.

Lou Ruicongs looks and acting skills were all good, and he used them cheaply.

As long as he could get through this series, it would be fine.

“24 episodes, 24 episodes then.

Finish shooting them as soon as possible.” Han Chuan now felt that he could agree to 12 episodes.

He should not have released Lou Ruicong!

[Meeting You In the Depths of Time] was a modern-day romantic drama.

The female lead traveled to the future and was very curious about everything.

In order to survive, the woman worked in a flower shop.

The owner of the flower shop was a disabled man with a cold personality, but he was very handsome.


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