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385 Why Are They All Engaged Recently

Shi Xi looked at Shi Xu and asked, “Does she hate you”

Shi Xu said expressionlessly, “Shes already thinking of an engagement venue.”

“This…” Shi Xi picked up her phone and asked, “The Xu Ziqing that youre engaged to, is she this person”

Shi Xi found the photo that she took when she participated in the variety show and enlarged Xu Ziqings photo.

“Its her.” Shi Xu nodded.

“But she already has a boyfriend.” Shi Xi was puzzled.

“She and I participated in the variety show together.

I left first.

She and Wu Ni succeeded in holding hands.”

Shi Xu said, “She said that it was just a script.

It was just an act.”

Shi Xi was speechless.

She had also participated in the variety show, but she had never gotten any script.

Shi Xi leaned against the headboard and said helplessly, “If she wants to marry you, then this engagement will be very difficult to cancel.”

Especially when Shi Xu was still being suppressed by their grandfather.

Shi Xu pressed between his brows.

“Thats why I came to you for help.”

“Im going to join the crew to film, so I probably wont be able to help you.” Shi Xi thought for a moment and said, “Or you can go and investigate her past and see if she has any dark history.”

“Ive already sent someone to check, but she was studying abroad before, so it will take some time for her to get the information,” Shi Xu said.

And they were going to get engaged next month.


Shi Xi blinked and said, “I dont have any other way.

I dont like Sheng Yan, and Sheng Yan doesnt like me, so the engagement between us can be easily broken off.”

From Shi Xus description, Xu Ziqing did not seem to want to break off the engagement.

Shi Xu was silent.

After a while, Shi Xi said, “Brother, Im a little sleepy.”

It was time to sleep!

“Rest early.” Shi Xu was still upset about the engagement, but he did not want to affect his sisters rest, so he turned around and left.

After sending Shi Xu off, Shi Xi lay down obediently.

She closed her eyes and went to sleep.

After two minutes, Shi Xi opened her eyes and picked up her phone to send a message to Tao Yuxuan: [Shi Xu and Xu Ziqing are getting engaged! Did you know about this!]

Tao Yuxuan also replied excitedly: [F*ck! Xu Ziqing! Is she that green tea who went to variety shows with you Is she the granddaughter of your grandfathers comrade-in-arms!]

It seemed that Tao Yuxuan had also heard some rumors.

Shi Xi: [Its her!]

Tao Yuxuan sighed: [So many people are thinking about your brother, but who would have thought that green tea would book him If I had known earlier, I would have gone after Shi Xu.]

Shi Xi: []

Tao Yuxuan: [Doesnt your brother resist Its the 21st century, and he still listens to his parents Or do all men like green tea Am I too late to learn the art of tea]

Shi Xi was helpless and interrupted, [Help me find out about Xu Ziqings past deeds and see how she is.]

Tao Yuxuan: [Do you still want to investigate You can tell at a glance that she is vain and worships gold and is green tea.]

Shi Xi: [Find some evidence.]

Tao Yuxuan: [Why are they all engaged recently]

Shi Xi asked curiously, [Who else is engaged]

Tao Yuxuan: [Uh, no one.

You dont know them.

Theyre my old friends.]

Shi Xi vaguely felt that Tao Yuxuan was hiding something from her.

Forget it.

She was not interested in Tao Yuxuans secret.

Shi Xi: [Just remember to invite me when you get engaged.]

Tao Yuxuan: [Thats for sure!]

After sharing the gossip, Shi Xi put down her phone in satisfaction and lay down to sleep.

After 30 seconds, Shi Xi opened her eyes again, picked up her phone, and sent a message to Ning Yu.

Shi Xi: [Shi Xu and Xu Ziqing plan to get engaged next month!]

After the message was sent, the stone sank into the sea.

There was no reply.

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