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384 Shi Xus Marriage Contract

Mother Shi said, “Its not a relationship.”

Shi Xi lay back on the sofa in disappointment.

“Theyre getting engaged next month,” Mother Shi added.

“Huh!” Shi Xi sat up in shock again.

Mother Shi explained, “When your grandfather joined the army, he made an agreement with his comrades that if the child was a boy and a girl, they would become in-laws.”

Shi Xi interrupted, “Then why are they separated by a generation Are all the children born male”

Mother Shi said, “…Later, they were sent to different places to fight, and there was no news of each other.

This agreement doesnt hold.”

“Just last month, your grandfather and that comrade met again.

“He has an unmarried grandson, and that comrade has a single granddaughter.”

“The two of them chatted for a while and decided to continue the agreement.”

After Shi Xi heard that, she said softly, “Other peoples marriages are arranged by their parents, while Shi Xus marriage is arranged by Grandpa.”

Mother Shi asked, “What are you whispering about”

“Nothing much.

I just wanted to ask, does Big Brother agree” Shi Xi said, “He doesnt seem to have any plans to start a family.”

Speaking up to this point, Mother Shi also sighed.

“Your grandpa told him, and he agreed.”

Shi Xi asked, “He met with that comrades granddaughter”

Why did so many things happen while she was away

She didnt even know about any of them!

“Hes never met her before.” Mother Shi was obviously not very satisfied with this engagement.

She said, “Hes filial and wants to make your grandfather happy.”

“Using his own life to make others happy, hes really filial,” Shi Xi whispered and then laid back down on the sofa for a massage.

Mother Shi sighed.

“As long as shes a good girl and is good to Shi Xu, its fine.”

Shi Xi asked, “Whats her name”

Mother Shi said, “Her surname is Xu, and her name is Xu Ziqing.

Zi from purple, qing from sunny.”

Shi Xi straightened her body again.

“Xu Ziqing!”

“You know her” Mother Shi asked.

“Ah, Im not sure.

Maybe she has the same name.” Shi Xi thought of the Xu Ziqing she knew, and her face was filled with confusion.

The world isnt that small, is it

After the auntie finished cooking the noodles, Shi Xi abandoned her mother and went to the dining table to eat the noodles.

While eating the noodles, she was thinking about how to —

Forget it.

Shi Xi was already such a big person.

How could he not investigate his fiancées background

Shi Xi simply lowered her head and ate the noodles, no longer disturbing Shi Xus happiness.

What if it wasnt that Xu Ziqing

After eating the noodles, Shi Xi took a nice bath and prepared to sleep.

Just before she went to sleep, there was a knock on the door.

“Please come in.” Shi Xi sat up from the bed.

Shi Xu came in from outside and said, “Im getting engaged.”

Shi Xi: “I know.

Mom told me.”

Shi Xu pursed his lips.

The atmosphere instantly froze.

“You dont want to get engaged” Shi Xi asked carefully.

“I dont want Grandpa to be unhappy.” Shi Xu did not answer Shi Xis question.

But it was still an answer to Shi Xis question.

“Grandpas heart isnt good, so he cant be bullied.” Shi Xi analyzed, “Hes thinking of the best for you.

He wants to see you settle down and start a family as soon as possible, and the other party is the granddaughter of a comrade-in-arms…”

Shi Xu: “Help me think of a way.”

Shi Xi kicked the ball back.

“What way do I have”

Shi Xu asked bluntly, “How did you break off your engagement”

Shi Xi came to a sudden realization.

“So you came to ask me for advice on how to break off your engagement!”

Shi Xu: “…”

“Let me think about how I broke off my engagement.” Shi Xi pondered and said, “First, you have to make your engagement partner hate you.”

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