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383 Shi Xu Fell In Love

“Youre the screenwriter.

I cant take your job.” Lou Ruicong finished the last sip of milk tea and said to the director, “Actually, my singing is very good.

You can consider letting me sing the theme song.”

Shi Xi coughed.

“I can sing with Shi Xi,” Lou Ruicong said crazily.

“But I want the first sentence and the chorus.”

Shi Xi followed him helplessly.

After the script change incident, Shi Xi knew that Lou Ruicong had some talent in scriptwriting.

No wonder Han Chuan had not kicked him out of Kuai Xue Entertainment.

The director patted Lou Ruicong on the shoulder.

“Go and sing a few songs first.

When the time comes, the theme song will definitely give priority to you guys!”

It was such a waste of money to invite a singer from outside!

When they reached the private room, Lou Ruicong took the lead in choosing a song and said, “Believe me, my singing is really good.”

Everyone had the mentality of trying it out — the main reason was that they wouldnt be able to escape.

They didnt expect that Lou Ruicongs singing was indeed not bad.

His voice was clear.

Although he hadnt learned how to sing systematiclally, his singing was very emotional.

Shi Xi leaned against the sofa, deep in thought.

Kuai Xue Entertainment was an entertainment film company under the Shi family.

If Lou Ruicong became famous, he would be earning money for the Shi family!

Even though he had some flaws in his personality, she could tolerate it.

Perhaps his fans would find it cute.

And she and Lou Ruicong would film together and become famous together.

Why not

Just as Shi Xi was thinking about it, Lou Ruicong finished singing.

Everyone applauded.

The director took the lead and praised, “You sang really well!”

Lou Ruicong said, “What about the theme song”

The director said, “Dont worry, itll definitely be yours!”

Shi Xi was not in a hurry to say anything.

She wanted the ending song and the interlude.

When the song came to the next song, logically speaking, the director should be the one singing it.

Actually, the first song should have been sung by the director, but Lou Ruicong was too proactive.

Lou Ruicong picked up the microphone and said, “I know this song too.

Director, Ill sing it with you.”

“This is my song.”

“Ive ordered 20 songs in a row.

The rest are all my songs.”


Shi Xi: This kind of person deserves to not be popular.

After coming out of the KTV, Shi Xi went straight home.

This time, the filming was in Feng City, and it was close to Shi Xis home.

If there was enough time, Shi Xi would choose to go home and live there.

Who didnt like home

Seeing that Shi Xi had returned, Mother Shi asked, “Why did you come back so late Did you read the script for so long”

“It only took us half an hour to read the script before I went to sing and listen to the songs.” Shi Xi changed her explanation halfway through.

“Listen to the songs” Mother Shi didnt quite understand young peoples current preferences, so she asked with concern, “Have you eaten Are you hungry Let Auntie make you something to eat”

“I didnt go to eat with them.

Make me a bowl of noodles.” Shi Xi slumped on the sofa, looking as if she was living a life worse than death.

Mother Shi turned on the massage function on the chair and said, “Then have a good rest for a few days.

If you dont want to go, then dont go.”

Shi Xi said, “Its fine.

Im not tired.”

Her body was not tired.

Her mind was tired.

Mother Shi picked up the sweater that she had half knitted and asked, “How about this”

Shi Xi glanced at it and said, “Isnt this a little too big for me”

Mother Shi said, “This isnt for you.”

Shi Xi asked curiously, “Then who is it for Ning Yu Its too big for her!”

“This is for your future sister-in-law,” Mother Shi said with a smile.

“Future sister-in-law” Shi Xi instantly sat up straight, and all her fatigue disappeared.

“Brother is in a relationship With who Do I know her”


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